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Ellen Page in the Crosshairs for Fox’s QUEEN & COUNTRY

Ellen Page in the Crosshairs for Fox’s QUEEN & COUNTRY


Not content having portrayed X-Men‘s Kitty Pryde and been the star of a video game, actress Ellen Page continues her geek-streak career by bringing a popular Oni Press comic book series to the big screen. Variety reports that Ellen Page has been tapped to bring British Intelligence agent Tara Chace to life in the film adaptation of Greg Rucka’s comic series Queen & Country  as she races to stop an international terrorist plot (is there any other kind?) after her identity is compromised, all while struggling with her tortured past.

Variety claims that Fox has had their eye on Page to star as Chace for a while after working with the actress in several Fox and Fox Searchlight films. The hope is that Queen & Country does for Page what the Bourne series has done for Matt Damon – set up a long running franchise to build around the actor. 2117430-tara_chase

Rucka, perhaps best known for his work on the DC comics series Gotham Central, has written 32 issues of the series plus an additional three spin-off novels, all featuring Tara Chace.  The feature script is written by John Rogers, who created TNT’s Leverage (which was great), but who also wrote Halle Berry’s Catwoman film… so the quality of the film could depend heavily on the director’s involvement, and as of this writing no director has been named.


  1. billy007 says:

    Rucka also wrote 3 full length prose novels featuring Tara Chace.
    They are good reads.

  2. Daniel says:

    Not… exactly who I would have thought of for the role. I know she will bring it, but the accent might be the least challenging part.

  3. RODEO says:

    Loved this series! Hopefully Ms. Page can do Tara justice. Should be lovely to see.

  4. I’ve read the entire series and enjoyed it. I am glad it maybe coming to cable instead of 5 major networks. Ellen Page seems a little young for this but I can’t wait for it to come out.