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Elevator Rides Won’t Be The Same With This MASS EFFECT Garrus Statue

Elevator Rides Won’t Be The Same With This MASS EFFECT Garrus Statue

It’s time to calibrate in real life. The creators of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim‘s shrine statues, Gaming Heads, have unveiled their latest stellar product, Mass Effect‘s Garrus and you can pre-order it now.

Designed by artist Gurjeet Singh, the recreation of Garrus stands 21 inches tall and is suited in his familiar armor with an Incisor sniper rifle. Whether you pick up the limited or exclusive edition statue, each figurine is fully colored unlike the Skyrim statues that were tinted with bronze based on the edition you picked up. Furthermore, the exclusive edition of the statuette will include the ability to swap Garrus’ sniper rifle with a Phaeston assault rifle, the only difference between the two versions.

Act quickly, there’s only 1000 limited editions and 500 exclusive editions with each base individually hand numbered. Everyone’s favorite Turian will be the first of a Mass Effect line Gaming Heads will deliver so expect the likes of Tali and Liara to follow suit. Luckily for collectors (real memorabilia collectors, not the Reaper’s minions), will be able to collect the same model number of future Mass Effect products if they so please.

Take a closer look at Shepard’s second-in-command below:

Pre-orders are live now, but the statues won’t be available until early next year with the limited edition setting you back $329.99 and the exclusive edition at $349.99.