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E3 2014: Techland Showcases DYING LIGHT and HELLRAID

No one does first-person melee combat quite like the folks over at Techland, and they’re here at E3 showing off their two upcoming melee combat-based titles, Dying Light and Hellraid.

You guys already know about the open world parkour zombie title Dying Light, and Maciej Binkowski was kind enough to chat with us about the newest additions to the game that are being showcased at this year’s expo. We also got a chance to play Hellraid, a first-person dungeon crawler adventure running on that fun and seamless melee combat engine we’ve grown to love in Techland’s games.

Does Techland’s E3 offerings make your loins quiver uncontrollably? Let us know in the comments below. And to discuss anything and everything E3 related, I’m only one tweet away at @Malik4play.