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Dystopian Future Watch: London Underground Farms

The latest in Dystopian Future Watch takes us to the abandoned tunnels below London, where Growing Underground plans to revolutionize sustainable farming. Using hydroponics and LED lights, Richard Ballard and Steven Dring have been growing energy efficient, water efficient, pesticide free, totally organic, totally adorable produce they plan to sell to London restaurants and retailers. They’re growing microgreens and three normal herbs.

Underground-farm-built-in-tunnels-12-storeys-beneath-London_dezeen_1The tunnels, formerly World War II air raid shelters, provide ideal growing conditions. They’re always cool, pest free, and unaffected by London’s unpredictable weather. The company claims that because they can control growing conditions, all their produce tastes incredible. By growing right under the businesses they’re supplying, the company reduces carbon footprints, delivering produce to your plate in “eight hours or less.” It would eliminate the need to source produce from distant regions with better climates, and reduce water consumption with highly efficient hydroponics.

They explain the whole thing here:

And they’re crowdsourcing funds to expand the operation, should you be so inclined.