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Dystopian Future Watch:’s Virtual Ghosts

This latest addition in our ongoing coverage of dystopian future-is-now is extra creepy! In a flurry of sans serif typeface and beautifully curated stock photos, is offering you a shot at immortality… essentially as famed early ’00s chatterbot SmarterChild.


Via the IM window to the soul, will give your relatives the chance to get to know your ghost while probably tricking it into saying it likes your butt. The plan is to generate an intelligent bot sourced from all of the social media activity you generate while you’re alive and then give it a really good profile pic so that your grandkids can chat with you when you’re dead.

It might be a touching link to the past. It might get old talking to a chatterbot that can’t stop bringing up the War. Or it’ll be an absolutely hilarious distraction from the true emotional weight of death because the cumulative social media footprint of people like Cher basically look like this: