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Zorro Meets Django in Upcoming Comics Crossover

Zorro Meets Django in Upcoming Comics Crossover

Wonder what happened to slave turned bounty hunter Django after Tarantino’s Django Unchained? He apparently met Zorro.

At least, that’s the pitch for Django/Zorro, the upcoming comic from Dynamite Entertainment. According to this morning’s announcement, the book is being co-plotted by Tarantino with Grendel creator Matt Wagner serving as the other co-plotter (no word on who’s supplying the art). Django Unchained producer, one of the minds behind House Party, and sometimes comics writer Reggie Hudlin (Black Panther, the Django Unchained adaptation for Vertigo) will be editing the book.

So is Django/Zorro the first direct sequel to a Tarantino film (Kill Bill, conceived as a single film, doesn’t count)? I mean, sure, the Vega brothers link Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs and there are hints of shared universe elements to many of his movies.

Django/Zorro (which sounds way too much like a temp title) will be a collaboration between DC and Dynamite, out sometime later this year.

From the official announcement:

“The acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino comes to Dynamite for the first time with a sequel to his film Django Unchained, as Django meets the legendary Zorro! Known for his incredible films that are uniquely “Quentin”, such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, Django/Zorro will stand-out from every comic book coming out this year. Django/Zorro is co-plotted by Quentin Tarantino and will be co-plotted and written by comic book legend by Matt Wagner (Mage, Grendel, The Shadow, Zorro). Reginald Hudlin, writer of the Eisner Award nominated Django Unchained screenplay adaptation and a producer of the Django Unchained film, will be working closely with Quentin and Matt as the editor of Django/Zorro! Stay tuned for information on Django/Zorro, set for release later this year from Dynamite Entertainment and DC Entertainment!”