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DVK: Daniel Van KirkDVK: Daniel Van Kirk

DVK: The Loneliest TSA Agent, featuring Matt Braunger

TSA agents screen thousands of people every day. Most of those people don’t think about who exactly is looking through their luggage, ID, and emotional state. As startling a realization as it may be, TSA agents are people and, like people, they get lonely. That’s what Dan Van Kirk  teaches us all by playing the loneliest TSA agent, Michael Kissack, in a brand new episode of his Nerdist channel series, DVK.

Van Kirk is joined here by the awesome Matt Braunger who does his own Nerdist podcast Ding-Donger, and Jason Nash from the upcoming Jason Nash Is Married in a security check that, hopefully, none of us will encounter. Whether you have suspicious materials or not, Kissack will make you late for your flight, just because you seem friendly enough.

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