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DVK: Daniel Van KirkDVK: Daniel Van Kirk

DVK: The Loneliest TSA Agent Attempts a Pat Down Featuring Steve Agee

Your favorite Eeyore of a TSA Agent, Michael Kissack, is back in a new episode of the Nerdist Channel’s DVK with Daniel Van Kirk. Despite his consistent emotional oversharing, Kissack might have just found a kindred spirit in this episode, maybe even a twin flame. A seemingly random passenger (special guest Steve Agee) might just be the person Kissack needs in his life so long as they can both just get through the routine pat down per TSA protocol.

We’d hope you know Agee from The Sarah Silverman Program or his great stand-up, but Kissack is more concerned with the potential of a new friendship while simultaneously building more and more barriers from his co-worker Judy (Lindsey Barrow).

Kissack may or may not have a new friend, so just do him a solid and subscribe to the Nerdist Channel.