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DRUNK HISTORY Tells the Story of a Crowdsourced Statue of Liberty

DRUNK HISTORY Tells the Story of a Crowdsourced Statue of Liberty

Following up on the drunken version of the story of unsung science hero Percy Julian, Comedy Central’s Drunk History has been gracious enough to release yet another unbelievable, historical tale before the season two premiere on July 1st. This time, Drunk History creator Derek Waters offers up the story of how The Statue of Liberty, perhaps the most iconic monument in American history, was almost dismissed by the United States government. Odds are that we probably heard this story at some point in a U.S. history class, but the lesson never quite sunk in ’til now.

Eric Falconer, a producer with a resume that includes The Sarah Silverman Program and Blue Mountain State, is this particular tale’s teller. He’s a Drunk History veteran, since he manages to not puke at all while recounting the events leading up to Lady Liberty’s arrival on Ellis Island. Falconer even attempts to add his own illustration of the development of The Statue of Liberty with Play-Doh. However, he finds that using Play-Doh, much like trying to accurately tell a story, is much harder when intoxicated.

SNL‘s Taran Killam plays Frederic Bartholdi, the man behind the Statue of Liberty, who wanted to mark America’s time as an independent sovereign nation with a massive statue. Bartholdi designed and built it while the French government (Bartholdi was French) paid for it. All the U.S.A. had to do was accept the gift. If it weren’t for the American people themselves banding together (much like they do these days for a web series on Kickstarter), the statue might not be around today!

What other monuments do you think deserve the Drunk History treatment? Let us know in the comments below.