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Drink Your Tea with R2-D2

Drink Your Tea with R2-D2

Drinking tea can become a total geeky experience. There’s something about the process and history that makes brewing tea leaves enjoyable, and besides getting into the ins and outs of crafting the perfect blend, you can infuse pop culture into your next cuppa. You can purchase loose leaf tea inspired by fandoms such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Marvel, and then you can rest your spoon or tea bag on a nerdy dish by Gallons of Ink.

The teapot shaped dishes are called tea bag tidies. Put your used tea bag or spoon on the dish and keep your counters and tables tidy – see what they did there. Chloe at Gallons of Ink obtains plain ceramic tea bag tidies and hand-paints them with Star Wars characters and tea puns that make me giggle. You can use a Tea-Wok, R2-Tea-2, or C-T3a-PO to keep your surfaces clean.

star wars tea 1

star wars tea 2

star wars tea 3

Since each illustration is done by hand, they vary slightly. I think that gives them extra personality. The paint used is tough, but these dishes will have to be handwashed with a non-abrasive cloth instead of put in the dishwasher. But think about it. You don’t really want to torture the droids and Ewoks by putting them through dishwasher torture.

You can purchase these tea bag dishes and other geeky, punny tea accessories at Gallons of Ink’s Etsy shop. Prices start at $10.54 for the dishes, and they ship from England. That bumps up the price and shipping time, but I’d say it’s worth it.

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