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Dressing Up Like STAR WARS Vehicles: A Cosplay Gallery

Dressing Up Like STAR WARS Vehicles: A Cosplay Gallery

No matter what kind of convention you attend, you’ll probably see Star Wars costumes. In my experience, you’ll even spot the likes of Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper at places like the renaissance faire. Though I admire any and all costume efforts, I particularly like when cosplayers get out of the armor or bloodstripes and try something different – like vehicles!

As a little post-Star Wars Day bonus, I’ve rounded up some stellar examples of creative Star Wars vehicles cosplay in the gallery below.


  1. The Millenium Falcon will always be my favorite SW vehicle, but I think I would prefer to dress up like walker.

  2. Mattdonino says:

    A) you guys really need to figure out how to make actual galleries instead of making a new page for each image.
    B) this page is bugged on mobile devices so that it auto-opens the Apple store and tries to download whatever crappy War Game you guys are selling. Don’t be THAT malware-ridden porn site that does that, please.

  3. Thomas Verstraete says:

    From a usability stand point the way that the images are displayed creates both extra work and cognitive load on the user. By making it so that we have to click on each picture and then click the back button many times (for this page 9 times) creates a negative reaction in the user, way too much work just to see an image with a minor caption. When I come to this page I looked for the images I liked and clicked on those first. Then going though and clicking on the ones that looked less interesting. by the time you get to 6 or 7 you start for forget which ones you might have seen. This forces the user to try to remember something that they shouldn’t have to too enjoy the images. The solution because there are only nine images is the just put the full sized image in a long scrollable. Everyone has a scroll wheel or track pad they can easily scroll up and down with. This removes the excessive clicking and cursor movements and we don’t have to remember if we have seen them or not because above is seen below is not seen. I hope you change it.