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Drafthouse Films’ MS. 45 Re-Release Gets Poster and Clips

It’s like Death Wish but sleazier and with a female protagonist. Abel Ferrara’s Ms. 45, from 1981, is the director in all of his salacious glory, depicting a mute seamstress who goes crazy after being sexually assaulted twice in one day in New York City in a time well before Giuliani cleaned it up. She takes it upon herself to rid the city of the scum of gang violence and gets herself a pistol of the titular caliber to do so.

Drafthouse Films, which continues to bring the finest in obscure grindhouse and drive-in movies back to the forefront, will be releasing this revenge classic in cinemas beginning this Friday, December 13th, in select cities.

Ms45 Circle

In preparation for the release, Drafthouse is allowing you to download two tracks from the film’s funky 70s soundtrack for FREE right this very minute and has also released this Mondo poster by Shawn Knight.


The poster is available to buy at Mondo’s website beginning some time on the 13th. Follow @MondoNews for the moment of release, and @DrafthouseFilms for all their upcoming (and probably equally awesome) releases.