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Double Rainbow Double Feature

As Chris has already expressed, the Double Rainbow is a thing of unlimited majesty.

Though I don’t want to diminish this important fact by any means, I feel it necessary to declare the Internet an equally spectacular occurrence. Why? Because it makes a Double Rainbow DOUBLE AMAZING!

Dear Internet,

You take already amazing things and then drizzle hot fudge and candy sprinkles all over them. If you were a tangible thing, I’d want to spoon with you, all during every rainy afternoon ever from here to eternity.


  1. Mitchell says:

    Remarkable find, Neuensch.

  2. Grace DeGuingois says:

    I had a really lousy day today, and that made me smile, damn it. 😀

  3. that guy probably takes drugs.

  4. Patti says:

    Chris, you’re so right! Meme, indeed! I’m loving all these variants of the original, mostly because they are far less creepy, and shorter. LOL!

  5. mrblaack says:

    Here’s a nice remix to warm the uh *cough* cockles…

  6. Chris Hardwick says:


  7. hammy says:

    The Auto-Tune The News guys did one as well:

    amazing. the internet really came through for us on this one.