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Don’t Forget: Watch “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid” 11/10c Saturday Night on Comedy Central

One last reminder: Chris Hardwick: Mandroid. Saturday night, 11/10c (with a repeat at 3:15am/2:15c early Sunday morning). Comedy Central. Watch, laugh, follow Chris live-tweeting at @comedycentral, drop by here or at the earlier post and comment. It’s the right thing to do.


  • I like these heads-ups here. It seems like we didn’t always get reminders for the Nerdist shows, leading to me not knowing about them till later. Maybe Twitter covers it, but the official website seems like the right place to me to find out about goings-on.

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    Houston control this is the USS Doubled-over-with-Laugher…requesting permission to execute operation mandroid.

    Permission granted in t-minus 21 minutes.

    Roger that..will hold in standby pattern..starring at comedy central…until 0-9-hundred hours (central time). Initiating pre launch popcorn popping and cold brewski opening.

    Peace .n. CANT @#$@ING WAIT…1 hr of Hardickocity!

    3ToF..promising not to heckle the TV…

  • @David? I just pre-ordered the “MANDROID” DVD on, so, if you have access to that, you might try it there.

    True, I just was able to watch it live, but I’m hoping the unexpurgated DVD will have some neat extras on it. (And no beeps, of course.)

  • @Roger Clenending – I saw the show live, so if they put stuff on the DVD that they said they were going to put in live at the time, the DVD WILL be worth it. Trust me.

  • Super meta: Aziz Ansari was on before Chris talking about a porn shot in a donut shop, Chris then proposes Plan B donuts, followed by Amy Schumer thinking that it should be Plan A.

  • Chris,


    Awesome special. It was most enjoyable!

    I do have one trivial question that is not supposed to come off s malicious but enough preface, here it is.

    I have seen Jonah online say that drinking is like “pouring smiles on your brain,” which I noticed you used as well. Was that intended or an accident? Where did it originate from? I don’t know why but I am genuinely curious.

  • I don’t know why, but I’m always slightly annoyed (just slightly) when I hear Master Hardwick’s paranormal bit even though he’s right and I haven’t seriously watched one of those shows in years. (The closest I get is “Destination Truth”, and I merely tolerate the paranormal segments in that.)

    That is my only complaint and it’s both minor and objective. So, in short, great job Chris! :)

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    you had me at anal-bishop-chess-piece.
    @#$#ing brilliant show sir!! a totally fresh hour sunday topped with awesomesauce.
    Peace .n. Shinny suited guffawathon!


  • Yo Chris,

    Bummersville, i missed ur special as I was busy last weekend and blanked it. I know I heard you mention it 3000 times on the Nerdist podcast but still missed it.

    Where can I watch the special? Don’t have Hulu and can’t seem to find Mandroid On Demand. Any links would b appreciated.

    Let a brotha know if ya can help me retroactively watch ur special. Big fan. Keep livin the dream. From a Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Rasta, Sci-fi, Comedy, Comic Book, Kung Fu and Anime Nerd. I’m a hybrid of something. F*ck the labels I’m just me. The def of cool, mos def. HAHA. Stay Frosty and keep killin it

  • Yeah, as a Canadian, I wasn’t able to watch this either. I can’t even seem to find it via any “alternative sources (*nudge nudge, wink wink*) online. Tips?