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Don’t Call It A Comeback (Although It Would Be)


Woolly Mammoth at Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC

Scientists are planning to try and clone wooly mammoths.

Because we need wooly mammoths roaming the Earth in 2011.

According to Yomiuri Shimbun, a team of researchers will be trying to recreate the mammoths, which went extinct 10,000 years ago, from tissue samples taken from a mammoth carcass from the permafrost in Siberia.  They’ll take nucleii from mammoth cells, implant them in an elephant’s egg cells (from which the elephant nucleii have been removed), stick the result in an elephant’s womb, and presto: Wooly Mammoth!  Or so they hope.

They hope to be able to examine a successful clone to try and determine why the species went extinct, so there IS a scientific reason for doing this.  But if one day your car gets crushed by a roaming mammoth and you find huge piles of mammoth poop on your lawn, don’t say you weren’t warned.