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Donate to Win a Trip to Meet Lucas and Skywalker

Donate to Win a Trip to Meet Lucas and Skywalker

Everybody wants to be a Jedi, or at the very least feel like one. Why else would there be so many lightsaber videos on the internet? But seeing as the likelihood of moving an object with your mind or finding robes this time of year are small, it’s a bit hard to do. However, if you’ve got a spare $10 to donate to a good cause, you could have an experience only the most seasoned of Jedi have gotten: a tour of the Skywalker Ranch, an audience with Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, and the opportunity to meet the man who thought it all up, George Lucas. Powerful Jedi is he.

To benefit Make-a-Wish, there’s a honey of a Star Wars prize for one winner and one close friend: flight and airfare to Marin County, CA, to take a tour of Skywalker Ranch and meet Mr. Lucas before being flown down to Los Angeles to hang out with Mark Hamill at Nerdist Studios. You’ll get to pick the brain of the man who not only played Luke Skywalker, but who also voiced the Joker in many Batman projects since 1992. And all of that for as little as a measly tenner.

That’s right, anyone who donates $10 or more will be entered to win. However, if you want to give a little bit more, you certainly won’t go away empty handed. For example, a $100 donation will earn a limited edition Star Wars shirt only available during this campaign and a digital video thank you from Mark Hamill, while a $2,500 donation will get a Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber Collectible signed by Mark Hamill.

Hamill had this to say about the campaign: “As a gesture of gratitude to all you amazing Star Wars fans out there, I’d like to offer the chance for you to capture your very own ultimate Star Wars moment. You and a friend will visit George and I at Skywalker Ranch and Nerdist Studios and chat about the history of Star Wars… Wookies and all. Do it now. Force yourself!” He’ll also be shooting some update videos through the course of the campaign.

To give to a worthy cause and to enter for this once-in-a-lifetime Star Wars experience, go to the website here and do your Jedi best.