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Donald Glover Asks You To Help Save “Community”

It’s been a while since we’ve addressed the severe lack of Community on TV right now, but Donald Glover did this Public Service Announcement with MTV Canada to draw attention to the continent’s plight. Won’t you help? (Not that there’s much you CAN do, but still)

Six seasons and a movie. Because it’s the right thing to do.

HT: BuzzFeed

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  1. The Legend, Coolman1081 says:

    As much as I love 30Rock’s witty comedy, and Parks and Rec’s outstanding writing. I really miss community. If they go off the air, they really should just do it on the web.

  2. MAtt says:

    I sooo want Community back I needs the laughs and the awesomeness.

  3. Ross says:

    Find me a petition and I’ll sign it. Find me an NBC exec and I’ll plead my case or rough them up as required. Loosing Community has the same sense as when Fox chopped Firefly.

  4. HiD says:

    I will cry if this show ends. It reminds me of Arrested Development and how the big wigs (bwigs) didn’t understand how hilarious it was. Don’t make that mistake NBC. 6 seasons and a movie!!!

  5. Damocles74 says:

    I miss this show soo much. it’s only been acouple of months but you can actually feel every second of its abscence.

  6. Aticus says:

    6 seasons and a movie!

  7. Lucy says:

    30 Rock is great and all, but it’s not Community. NBC better recognize.

  8. Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III says:

    No, 30 Rock and Parks & Rec are NOT holding me over. Also, really, the world is kind of overpopulated so a little bit of death would be good.

  9. Chris Sudat says:

    As long as Dan Harmon lays off the sauce, I’m all for it.

  10. Ben Z says:

    If no one has died, why would we want Community back? I realize based on Torchwood: Miracle Day it’s supposedly a bad thing, but really. Donald Glover supports killing people!

  11. Jessica says:

    🙁 I miss Community!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Zach Coty says:

    Donald Glover
    Don Glover
    Dong Lover

    I want Community back now.

  13. RichieRich says:

    If only I could do something… Parks & Rec following Community was the best hour on television. Make it happen

  14. Annie's Boobs says:

    My name is Annie’s Boobs, and I approve this message.