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Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline

(Yes, we know, it’s been taken down. Sorry)

If you’re not excited about the new Timeline feature at Facebook, Don Draper just might will change your mind.

via [thd] [Eric Leist]


  1. lolz says:

    @Malvolti “Still deleting my Facebook.”

    No you’re not. If you were, you already would have.

  2. JJ says:

    probably has more impact on people who’ve actually seen the show. They haven’t convinced me.

  3. Jay Hernandez says:

    Your not deleting your facebook you stupid bitch.

  4. Clay says:

    I guess this means I’ll have to start watching Mad Men ironically. Damn you interweb hipsters. Why do have to take a virtual dump on the best monologue of the series?!

  5. Robert says:

    LOL @ “Don Draper with Don Draper”

  6. Blair Slavin says:

    Wow… I have only started the first season of Mad Men. That was incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jenna Alive says:

    Hahahah, “Shut up, Pete.”

  8. Malvolti says:

    Nope, still doesn’t change my mind. Still deleting my Facebook.

  9. Mikkyg says:

    that’s brilliant.