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Dog and Wolf Sing a Duet

via Lauren Gregg


  1. lawen says:

    After the dog & wolf duet, you can watch the cat solo of Psycho kitty cutetastic!!

  2. Jordan says:

    When Are We Going to See 2 Pussy’s Do A Duet……I Mean Pussy Cat!!!

  3. nbr1rckr says:

    I think I saw them at an open mic I played at once

  4. anonymouse says:

    I think I farted lawl.

  5. Phil Defibaugh says:


  6. Patti says:

    haha, weird-riffic!

  7. Amrehlu says:

    Best Dog and Wolf duet I’ve seen today.

  8. Val says:


  9. Kevin says:

    I thought you liked this one for a sec there Chris. Thank god I was wrong.

  10. Derek says:

    I’ve never not understood anything more than I don’t understand this.

  11. Spencer says:

    Saw this guy on Michael Swaim’s show on Cracked. God Awful-ly cute!

  12. Martin Santacruz Jr. says:

    Love the Podcast! I anticipate new ones every week. When will you have George Carlin… oh wait. Too soon?

  13. Ethan Caine says:

    Go Team Jacob!!!

  14. Dorian says:


  15. Justin Casey says:

    It made me laugh!

  16. Alyzabeth says:

    What. In. The. Fuck?

  17. Chris Hardwick says:


  18. Mike Mc says: