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DOCTOR WHO: WORLDS IN TIME To Shutdown In February

DOCTOR WHO: WORLDS IN TIME To Shutdown In February

DrWhoDoctor Who: Worlds in Time will “cease operation” next month on February 28th, 2014, according to the banner on the game’s website. The cartoon-themed free-to-play MMO has been up and running for less than two years, but judging by its recent suspension of microtransactions, the game’s already making arrangements for its exit.

For those of you who’ve never gotten around to trying Worlds in Time, it’s basically Farmville mixed with a Doctor Who-themed variation of every classic puzzle game from the SNES/Sega Genesis/Neo Geo era. I believe many folks (including myself) expected it to be a sci-fi action game with intense depth, which is the polar opposite of what it turned out to be and why it hasn’t been well received, hence the game being shutdown. But at its core, Worlds in Time wasn’t all that great of a game, and another lackluster outing for Doctor Who in the video game space. Rest In Peace, Worlds in Time, and to any of the game’s player base who may be reading this, try not to lose any sleep, my friends.


  1. Cade says:

    Why did they shut down i really liked that game and it was something that I did with people I was about to play it but then it said that they where shutdown that sucked because I had a room full of really cool stuff.  

  2. Jacky says:

    why the hell are they deleting it

  3. Jack says:

    Can I ask a serious question: if the game sucks too much to mention, why is it shutting down news? Because of the Doctor Who varnish?

  4. actualchad says:

    Glad to see this appraisal. I signed up initially, took a look and never went back again. Didn’t seem to have any depth to it.

    Meanwhile, Doctor Who Legacy has been enjoyable, but I’ve NEVER received a rare drop, despite playing some stages countless times. A little annoying.