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DOCTOR WHO World Tour Lands in NYC with Q&A hosted by Chris Hardwick

Whovians were out in full force on Thursday night as the BBC brought the Doctor, his companion, and his TARDIS to Manhattan for another stop on the Doctor Who World Tour leading up to the August 23rd premiere of series 8. The New York City event included the American premiere of the new season with a viewing of “Deep Breath,” followed by a Q&A with Executive Producer Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman, hosted by our very own Chris Hardwick.


We know better than to drop any spoilers on the actual episode here, but we do have some choice bits from the Q&A.

When asked about the now infamous Radio Times letter he sent to the BBC, Capaldi responded, “I was 15. Do you really want to hear what your 15 year old self has to say?” Moffat got a laugh when he was asked about knowing Capaldi was “the one”: “Peter would often loom at me from the dark of BBC parties.” In the end though, he got the last laugh as he admitted, “We elected not to tell Peter that he was the only person being considered. It’s quite fun to invite someone into your house and have them read lines. He doesn’t even know he’s got it.”

Capaldi’s love of Doctor Who is well-documented, but all the Whovians appreciated his story of going to Cardiff to film “The Fires of Pompeii” where he met David Tennant and immediately asked, “Where is the TARDIS?”

With fan questions came some great cosplay, including a whole line of ladies in the front row dressed as different iterations of The Impossible Girl. Coleman mentioned the many Soufflé Girls in the audience and spoke about the costume choices she and the Doctor Who wardrobe department have made for her character. Everyone was entertained to know she has “a run around the car park” in all the shoes they pick out for Clara to make sure she will be able to escape any and all alien threats.

“I had to find something that made me feel like Doctor Who, and it was the black with the buttoned up shirt and slash of red. It says I’m not looking for your love or approval,” Capaldi said when speaking about his iconic look for the new Doctor. He told the audience about days of dress up, and his subtle efforts to manipulate the situation to make sure his top choices made it through the gauntlet of people who had a say in the final decision. While he didn’t end up all in black as he wanted in the beginning, he seemed quite happy with the end result.

The Doctor Who World Tour continues until August 19th, and the TARDIS still has other continents to hit before she heads back to Cardiff. Keep an eye out on Doctor Who‘s Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for pictures and news from all the events to get excited for the new season! We can’t wait for you to see what the Doctor gets up to next.


via Doctor Who Tumblr

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