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Doctor Who Themed Google Doodle Game Is The Coolest Ever

Whovians across the world, prepare to have your mind blown into ginormous proportions. We’ve had quite an eventful week celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dr. Who here at Nerdist HQ. But it appear as if we’re not the only ones going all out in celebration, as Google’s New Zealand-restricted search engine displays the company’s love for the series in one of the most awesome ways possible. If you head over to Google  New Zealand, you’ll not only see a Doctor Who themed Google logo, but you’ll be prompted to play a fun and slightly challenging Doctor Who mini-game.

I won’t tell you anything else beyond that because it’s best to have the entire experience on your own. Google normally doesn’t re-theme their logo unless there’s a gripping occasion like a holiday or historical event’s anniversary, so this goes to show you just how much the Whovian-intuitive has impacted the globe. After you finish the mini-game, be sure to share your score with the rest of us in the comments. Mine was 18:23 (Yeah I know, I’m a noob).

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  1. Maxim says:

    “that angel is tough” – when you pick up that letter, run immediately changing direction of movement.

  2. bouncer says:

    practised and got 2:06.. its possible to get under 2:00 if perfected

  3. Heidi Kohne says:

    Oh, and in case anyone is thinking this: I did not clean out my cookies because a separate Flash game on my computer relies on cookies to save game data (I wish it didn’t, but there you go).

  4. Heidi Kohne says:

    In case others are having this problem, I had a major display glitch while playing this doodle in ie 9. What kept happening was the graphics from level 1 were also running in level 2, both of which were running during level 3. By level 4 I couldn’t see the booth where I started because the egg nest from level 1 blocked my view. It was hard to tell what squares were valid ones to move to. I had to download Chrome and play it there, where it worked fine; maybe other browsers show this correctly as well, I don’t know.

  5. 15.56 says:

    that angel is tough

  6. Ginaness says: worked too! 38.59, and pretty fucking proud of it.

  7. Warlord698 says:


  8. Tina says:

    how do you make Dr Who jump down onto the tile in the first level???? which key do you hit???

  9. I’ve gotten my time down from 16:16 on my first try to 2:31 at my fastest. Here’s a time-saving tip: The pterodactyl might thank you if you help her out.

  10. Christina says:

    16:02, and went through 8 regenerations…. Ah well. Great fun!

  11. James K says:


  12. Matt Thornton says:


  13. Tara says:

    Level 2- You need to first retrieve the egg closest to the Tardis then make your way to the top of the tree. A pterodactyl will pick you up and drop you back to the Tardis.

  14. Tara says:

    It’s on, too! It took me 30 mins to finish the game. It was difficult! That damn weeping angel, I escaped its clutches after burning me to dust about 15 times. The last level took forever, my eyes were going crossed.

  15. WOAH says:

    Was indeed hard, especially the last level! Had to retry it 5 times !

  16. bettie says:

    For those who cannot pass level 2, are you using Internet Explorer? Ît seems that the Dalek next to the first platform doesn’t move, although it should.

  17. MO THE PO says:

    así el sol no brilla sin ti así que lo abrazan y subir esas montañas

  18. talia says:

    tbh just leave us all olone u think im mainstream monday my parents made me go climbing in the pirineos!!! #spanish

  19. mojo says:

    omg talia u cant just tell ppl theyre blue :////

  20. mojo says:

    u need to revaluate your life talia being a nerd isnt dat mainstream, im too coolio for this shit bcos im mojo fkin laughlin

  21. TALIA says:

    your a blue little girl with raggy hair god://

  22. TALIA says:

    mojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT YOU DARE CALL US NERDS YOUR A NERD IF YOUR HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT LIIKE NERDS THEN YOU BETTER THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cummon im a girl for cakeness sake get ur facts right!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MAKE ME SO RAGING I MIGHT HAVE TO DIP MY HEAD IN A BUCKET OF WATER!!!!!!!!! Y U GETTING BRAVE

  23. mo laughln le original says:

    ill swear all i bloody like all i want to do is play fucking doctor who but you gay little nerdy boys arent helping me!! LEVEL 2 CMON GUYS

  24. talia says:

    mo please dont swear ffs!!!!!!!!!!! your just ruining this coolio site NOW SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO GET PAST LEVEL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mo laughlin lol me again says:


  26. MOJO LAUGHLIN says:

    fuck sake i cant get past level 2 ive asked ellie carter and she doesnt know either i might even have to bring libby sheehan in to figure it out

  27. chmich says:

    OK that’s all from me, back to work 🙂

  28. Talia says:

    i cant get past level 2 >:( im a noob i know or should i say ood har har

  29. rushay says:

    mine 8.03

  30. CharlieDi says:

    3:04 😀 😀

  31. n00bsauce says:

    47:29 – it was like I was reenacting the Time War in there, I killed so many Time Lords!

  32. Steven says:

    9:28 McCoy

  33. Ghostie says:

    14:23 and I was at Nine. Those laser floor tiles were hard. The first times the daleks and cybermen spoke I nearly jumped out of my chair. Was not expecting that.

  34. ronnie says:

    How to get past the first weeping angel?

  35. sean says:

    nothings happening for me! no prompt or anything!

  36. ajh3guitarist says:

    12:35, McCoy. Darn that angel!

  37. Steven says:

    15:54 Eccleston

  38. Paula says:

    A tip: use the mouse, and click where you want to go. The Doctor will go there automatically.

    jm5150, just refresh your screen and start again 🙂

    The last level is a killer. I went through far too many generations.

  39. mojonesy says:

    16:28 That last level was tricky. And 8 bit Angels are scary.

  40. Allonsy86 says:

    Yup. Stuck on level 2 as well…any tips?!

  41. Nathan says:

    3:28 – no joke!

  42. Jessica D. Everett says:

    So does it not work for those of us in the US or am I doing something wrong?

  43. jm5150 says:

    ok, its working.. im on the 2nd G and i just keep regenerating into a Dalek behind something. I cant see but im assuming a Dalek is stuck on my regen spot.. up to 70:14.. each death adds 2 minutes.. IM STUCK IN A GLITCH

  44. Paula says:

    It’s on Google Australia too. I’ve been hearing Doctor Who associated sounds coming out of many of our offices this morning 🙂

    jm510 – you need to collect the flashing letter in each level ( G O O G L E ) while avoiding the monsters. Each time you die, you regenerate into the next Doctor.

  45. Justus says:


  46. NekoHitori says:

    13:45, and I regenerated 3 times. Darn you, Weeping Angel! Darn you, fire floor thingie!

  47. jm510 says:

    what am i supposed to do? i pick a doctor then theres a yellow square. he walks to it then nothing happens.. i clicked the square and he stops walking then nothing happens.. am i missing something?