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“Doctor Who”: “The Girl Who Waited” Review (SPOILERS)

As I’ve said several times, my favorite Series 5 episode is “Amy’s Choice.” My reason for liking it so much is that it tells a relatively simple, straightforward story, but, within that framework, is able to get to the heart of each one of the show’s three leads, and forces them to hash out their differences and avoid death at the same time. It was, to me, a perfect 45 minutes of science fiction storytelling.  Episode 10 of Series 6 of Doctor Who is called “The Girl Who Waited,” and in many ways it could be called “Amy’s Choice 2,” yet, while they share a lot of basic elements, Tom MacRae’s script goes a step beyond.  It’s not merely whether Amy will choose a life with or without Rory, it’s Amy being forced to live a life without him, and how that changes her view of everything.  And latterly, Rory has to decide if he can live with an Amy he failed to save.

Through a simple pressing of a red button instead of a green one, Amy spends 36 years alone waiting for Rory to save her, which is longer than either of them have been alive. It’s a painful proposition no matter which side you’re on. It’s made even more painful for Rory knowing that, to her, he failed to save her, but to him, he’s in the middle of doing so. He and the Doctor know that they can figure out how to save past-Amy, but that means that present, older Amy won’t have existed, something she does not want to happen.

The central idea of the Two Streams facility is an interesting one: When a plague that kills in 24 hours hits the resort world of Apalapucia, a place that’s incredibly fun to say, they set up a way that the infected can live out an entire life’s worth in a quicker time stream and their loved ones can watch from a slower one.  There are two sides to the argument of this place, as represented by the Doctor and Rory. Rory thinks it would be terrible to watch and not interact with someone you love for their whole life, while the Doctor thinks it’s incredibly kind because at least they aren’t watching them die.  This is the central difference between the Doctor and Rory. The Doctor is detached from that type of emotion after centuries of traveling with people he is inevitably forced to leave behind. Rory, on the other hand, could not imagine having to witness a life and not be a part of it.

It’s this exact question he’s faced with when he meets older Amy, now world-weary and hardened from living nearly 40 years on her own, running from androids that will literally kill her with kindness.  He doesn’t mind that she’s old; he minds that he didn’t get old with her.  He would gladly take that Amy with him, though he’d much rather spare her from having to be alone for so long. Rory is maybe the most kind-hearted person in the history of Doctor Who.  The word “stalwart” comes to mind. But this Amy doesn’t want to disappear; she doesn’t want those experiences of being alone to leave her, which I think is a very interesting dilemma. To get to relive 36 years of loneliness with the person you love at the expense of being who you are now: Would you do it? I can’t say if I would or not. Rory blames the Doctor for not being more careful about where they land, to which the Doctor says that’s not how he travels. Rory then says he’d rather not travel with him anymore.

Ultimately, there can only be one Amy, despite the lie the Doctor told about taking them both on the TARDIS. It would indeed cause a paradox.  The Doctor does what could be considered the cowardly thing and leaves it up to Rory to choose, either HIS Amy, or the Amy who lived without him for so long. To his credit, it’s a harder choice than it might have been.  There’s no doubt he’d love either Amy with all his heart, but it’d certainly be much easier on him if he didn’t have the one he’d failed for so long. By the end, we realize the name of the episode could have been “Rory’s Choice.”

What makes “The Girl Who Waited” great is that, with the exception of Imelda Staunton as the voice of the Interface, and a brief hologram of a hostess, the whole episode is just the three leads.  “Amy’s Choice” had this element as well, but there was still the Dream Lord to act as antagonist. In this, time is the antagonist and the kindness robots are the inevitable end.  It’s nice to know that the characters are so rich and the actors so good that they can sustain an entire episode essentially on their own.  MacRae turns out a powerful character study, somewhat in keeping with his earlier Who effort, the Series 2 two-parter “Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel” which plays with the idea of an alternate universe where Rose was never born and her father didn’t die.  He excels at these “What if?” scenarios, and is able to explore the character relationships more deeply.

Karen Gillan gives her best performance to date as she convincingly portrays the character of Amy Pond both in her 20s and in her late 50s.  There is a definite age behind her mannerisms and physicality that goes far beyond the old-age makeup she’s wearing. The scene where she speaks to herself through the looking glass is truly phenomenal. Nick Hurran’s direction really adds to it as well, with the use of shot/reverse-shot and the slow fading between the two.  Amy Pond as a character needs to be written well to be effective, and this script surely does that. Let it never be said that Karen Gillan isn’t a good actress, because, given the proper material, she’s clearly very good.

Arthur Darvill is likewise very good playing the pain, frustration, and difficulty of Rory’s predicament with aplomb.  As stated before, Rory has really become the heart of this TARDIS crew and has shaken off any of the just-the-boyfriend problems and has become quite the character.  You buy the love between Rory and Amy, even when it seems neither have any reason to.

Matt Smith has the least to do in this episode; however, he’s still at the very tip top of his game.  The Doctor, as old Amy says, is like the voice of God, trapped in the TARDIS to help with the plot but detached from his companions.  However, the reaction shots by Smith convey all the guilt, regret, and sadness the Doctor feels because of his action (or inaction) and masques the trickery and deceit that was needed to get old Amy to help them.  I also really enjoyed his relationship with Rory in this episode. Rory objects to the Doctor trying to make Rory more like him, which in a way is very true. The Doctor has protégés, and Rory flatly does not want to be one.

Like “Amy’s Choice” before it, “The Girl Who Waited” gives viewers a story about the main characters entirely unhampered by a guest cast.  The Doctor and friends can help strangers week after week but they often have the hardest time helping each other. In both stories, we get the very real sense that the Doctor does what he does because he has to, but hates himself because of it.  For all of the Eleventh Doctor’s silliness and cheer, he harbors a real darkness which is maybe most fascinating.  And there was a Twitter reference in it. What more can I say? I dug it.

Next week is Toby Whithouse’s “The God Complex.” It also looks very good.

Doctor Who meets The Shining. Love it.

-Kanderson would rather not wait 36 years for you to follow him in the TWITTERS… but he will.

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  1. Lokey says:

    With the exception of “Night Terrors” I’ve loved the new season, but a good portion of it has felt like “The Adventures of Amelia Pond.” Seems like the Doctor’s role is being toned down significantly and it’s Amy & Rory, Rory & Amy every other episode. I dug the episode, but it added yet another theory on the Doctor’s death. Overlapping timelines? I will go nuts if Moffat waits until next season to tie up those loose ends.

  2. dirque leyr says:

    I will point out that this is not the first time Amy waited for the Doctor.

    This is the 2nd time she waited for him with him never ever showing up until she was used to the idea he’d never come.

    In fact if I count my years right, she spent 93% of her life waiting for the Doctor.

  3. JE Smith says:

    @Steve – “I have loved Amy since the beginning, but I’m starting to think she’s kind of a terrible person”

    It’s funny, because I started feeling that way about mid-way through S5, and haven’t seriously changed my mind since.

  4. JE Smith says:

    In general I thought this episode was kind of a mess, but quite honestly what made it fail for me was that Karen Gillan really wasn’t up to the job. I never truly FELT those 36 years having elapsed, and so it was just words being spoken. Gillan’s fine at being charming and even a little mean (she’s certainly treated Rory like crap in the past), but this required a level of performance that she’s not yet in command of — though she might be someday, maybe when she’s 36 years older. It also felt very manipulative — FEEL this FEEL that, especially the overblown music when she gives her little speech about Rory. In fact, it felt very shamelessly emo-huckstering in the same way that S1’s “Father’s Day” did at the time. Almost everything here was TOLD rather than shown. I didn’t hate it the way I hate the Gangers episodes, but it still fails for me.

  5. Lori-Anne says:

    @ Kyle

    I agree with you. Again, he chose to wait (as living plastic), but in her mind she got abandoned. It is different. She didn’t ask him to do it, he did it because he loved her and wanted to keep her safe. She’d been alone for 36 years, having to fight off scary handed robots that kill you with kindness and retraining Imelda Staunton to answer her questions. She spent years alone, having to fight and feeling like the one person she loved in all the world and her best friend left her to fend for herself. I’d be right peeved myself.

  6. Steve says:


    While I agree with you in the sense that I think everyone is putting a little too much emphasis on Rory’s sacrifice here, there’s one thing that bugs me about your comment. You make it sound like Rory told her it was time to make up for some of that sacrifice. Like he threw her in the room, hit the button himself and told her, “see ya in a few decades.” The point isn’t that she should make up time, it’s that Rory doing that for her should kind of put things in perspective. I have loved Amy since the beginning, but I’m starting to think she’s kind of a terrible person. She absolutely doesn’t deserve Rory. Put yourself in her shoes during those 36 yrs. While it would be an awful experience, the one thing that you would keep thinking of is Rory sitting outside that box. How could you not? The situations are so similar. And it would absolutely give you hope, not turn you into some bitter old woman. If you want to hate the Doctor, fine. But Rory never deserved that kind of treatment.

  7. Kyle Anderson says:

    Guys, I think it’s a matter of them saying “Go somewhere and wait; we’ll be right there.” It’s easy to feel abandoned when someone says “I’ll be right there” and then they don’t show up for 36 years, with no way to get hold of them.

    Rory chose to stay there and wait AND was unchanging plastic at the time, he didn’t have to worry about getting old, getting hungry, getting tired, etc.

    So, I feel like it’s perfectly acceptable for her to feel dejected.

  8. Stacy says:

    Put me down under the category of “She was angry because she waited 36 years?! Rory waited over 1,800 YEARS!”

    All that, and he still puts up with being called Stupid Face.

  9. Suzanne says:

    No, they don’t know what happened to baby Melody. Melody did some growing up and then she REGENERATED back into a toddler, which was the girl Amy and Rory grew up with. But what happened in between? What about her actual infancy? That is a crucial, crucial time, and they still don’t know how she spent it. What they do know is that her mind is not right. Someone damaged her badly. She is not fine.

  10. Lori-Anne says:

    Rory chose to wait, Amy got left basically, even if it was by accident. And when House is playing with Amy’s head in “The Doctor’s Wife” she does come across a really pissed off Rory so even if it wasn’t real, it’s percolating in Amy’s head somehow.

    And yeah, while the whole the Mels/Melody thing was sort of solved…I’d be freaking bereft if my baby got stolen, supposedly brought back and then turned into goo while I was holding her. While they know what happens to her, they still didn’t get to raise their child and she grew up with all that brainwashing. I can’t think of a decent parent who would want to their child to go through that and not want to change it.

  11. Jess says:

    God I am so annoyed that people are complaining and comparing Rory and Amy’s sacrifices!! That’s not the freakin’ point of the episode! So just because Rory made a great sacrifice for Amy (made me cry, I loved that scene in TBB), Amy has to do the same? Relationships don’t work like that! It’s not oh you give me 2 hours, I have to return 2 hours; you did me 1 favor, I have to return 1 favor! If anyone think relationships (even long term friendships) is exactly give and take, then you are f*cked up!

    I think Amy is angry because she didn’t get to spend those 36 years with Rory (and the doctor and her daughter). Yes Rory voiced this point but of course Amy feels the same. When Rory waited, it was with hope that he will get to have a life with Amy; when Amy waited, it was with despair that she won’t get to have a life with Rory.

    It’s beautiful, just cry and stop complaining dammit! LOL

  12. Berend says:

    This episode shows how hypocryte some people really are.
    Still… after 2 years everyone is complaining about how the episodes of RTD’s era were to emotional, were to much about love… and how it was more focused at the compagnions, but that’s exactly what this episode does and everyone loves it because of it. We Need More Of This…!

  13. Christine says:

    Regarding the whole Rory Waiting 2000 Years thing: Rory always knew where Amy was, he always knew she was safe, and he did all that waiting for her, to protect her.

    In this episode, Amy had no idea where Rory (and the Doctor) was, when he was, whether he was safe, whether she was safe. She waited for him and he never came.

    I delight in Rory’s heroic and romantic 2-millenia wait, but his wait and Amy’s mere 36 year-long wait this time around were entirely different types of waiting. I think it’s understandable that Amy would have developed some and hardened shell and animosity.

  14. Carrie says:

    One thing I find interesting about the series is that they’ve started to limit the regeneration ability of the doctor. This plague would’ve killed him with no regeneration and also the very first episode of the series we see him die with no regeneration! Ack!!! I don’t want this series to end!
    Also, this episode made me cry 3 times. I say it’s a keeper.

  15. Scott S says:

    Why did Amy just walk through into the room where there was no Doctor or Rory, after pressing one of the two buttons? Why did Rory just go back out of their room, leaving the Doctor, to try to get to the waterfall room, when that was what got them into trouble in the first place? Why isn’t anyone ever careful in these strange new, possibly (probably) dangerous places they turn up in?

    The fact that they know that Melody will be okay at some point in time doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t find her if they looked. Time for them is fluid, anything could happen, Melody could end up in a worse position than they thought she was going to. The Doctor keeps looking at his death record, things aren’t necessarily going to end up the way they think they will, just because something leads them to think they logically should. The parents should still be worried about the child they didn’t realize they were having, then lost before they got a chance to do anything with.

  16. uncanny expat says:

    Loved the episode.

    Anyone else pick up on a point that may be very important in the long run? It’s now been established that knowing your own future helps you rewrite time and change it.
    Though I guess the argument could be made that this wasn’t a Fixed Point In Time either.

  17. Andrea says:

    Wonderful review! This was a fantastic episode, far far exceeding the previous two.

  18. Kyle Anderson says:


    Go back and listen to some of the dialogue between the Doctor and Rory in “Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.” They discuss exactly this point.

  19. Zach says:


    “Rory waited 2000 years in a negated timeline. They can still remember it, but it didn’t technically happen anymore.”

    Not true, the whole reason for The Doctor being alive now is because Rory and Amy remembered him. His whole speech to child Amy was that if she could remember him then he could exist again. There’s power in memories, that was a key point of that episode. Now it could just be me, but I thought that meant that everything that had happened before came back because when they remembered The Doctor then they remembered everything else that happened. Thereby bringing all of it back.

    Just my theory though.

  20. Susie says:

    Amy Pound is Awesome.
    This episode was the best so far this year.
    And anyone notice that the episodes are getting scarier?

  21. Brad says:

    Great summary/review. Agree completely that it was a great episode, with the nitpicky detail that Rory has actually lived for a couple thousands years (most of which he spent sitting alone with a giant box with Amy in it). Which I think adds even more to his decision to save young Amy from even a few decades of torment/waiting, knowing exactly what it’s like.

  22. Nuke says:

    I greatly enjoyed the episode after being kind of “meh” on last weeks.

    I think the whole production team did tremendous work in differentiating old Amy from the familiar one. The makeup, the writing, the way they changed her body language and mannerisms all worked for me. That said I would have estimated late 40s rather than 50s (& a colleague not familiar with KG guessed early 40s based on the picture above.

    Rory may have waited 2000 years for Amy, but he had the mission to live for. He also had the whole wide world to interact with. Amy was effectively cut off from everything. She was in the prettiest solitary confinement ever. While I like to think that she knew help was eventually coming, after a certain point I understand her anger at it taking so long. Her pancho boys had a dang time machine. If they had paid more attention to detail certainly it wouldn’t have taken that long. In fact if Rory had bothered to be more specific about WHICH button to push, they would never have been in this prediciment. I totally get her disappointment.

    Last thought, Arthur really knocked it out of the park. Like Karens performance some of the praise can be laid T the feet of the writers et al, but the boy really brought his A game!

  23. Certainly not perfect but a definite improvement on “Night Terrors”.

  24. Phil says:

    Not sure if it’s already been said, but I just thought it was weird that Amy pushed the red button. That’s such an unnatural thing to do. I mean I instinctively think green means good, red means bad. It’s like traffic lights or getting papers from teachers where everything you did wrong is marked in red ink.

    Seemed odd to me that she pushed that button. I think this episode proves one important thing I’ve seen in sci fi before. Don’t ever push a button without knowing what it does!!!! Seriously!!!

  25. ericdano says:

    @Kyle Anderson

    “Rory waited 2000 years in a negated timeline. They can still remember it, but it didn’t technically happen anymore.”

    And Amy’s whole 36 year thing didn’t happen and no one, even Amy, seems to remember it. I think Rory comes out on top again.

  26. ericdano says:


    Oh please. Amy should KNOW that the Doctor and Rory would NOT abandon them. Did she have selective amnesia about how faithful BOTH Rory and the Doctor are. They would NOT EVER abandon her. Heck, did we forget she was held somewhere and the Doctor raised a posse to go kick ass and get her back?

    “was forced to wait an indeterminate length of time with no assurance she’d ever be rescued and in which everything was out of her hands. It’s an entirely different situation.” Bullshit. She knew that they were coming. She KNEW that time was flowing faster for her. This is a woman that made her own sonic “screwdriver” and can reprogram the droids. But you want me to believe that she also fully thinks that she believes she isn’t going to be rescued? And that everything is out of her hands? Bullshit. Everything in that episode says she was fully in charge of just about everything except getting out. She has traveled with the Doctor enough now to know it will get fixed.

    “By the way, excellent use of a gendered term to castigate a female character for having unpleasant emotions.” When did I say anything like that about Amy? I said RORY didn’t bitch about guarding Amy for 2000 years. Bitch = complain. Go look it up. I would have loved Rory to maybe have said “Look, 36 years for us to come fix this is nothing to the 2000 years I waited to get you out of the last big time stream mess.”

  27. Kyle Anderson says:

    Rory waited 2000 years in a negated timeline. They can still remember it, but it didn’t technically happen anymore.

  28. M3rc Nate says:

    My only issue was she waited for 36 years and was affected how you’d think someone would be affected, but Rory waited 2000 years (in a different version of his life but he still has the memories) and he was totally fine.

    It just made it a bit annoying when she talked about how she had to wait 36 years and how it was hell and the worst thing ever, to a guy that waited 2000 years for her lol. Women…

    Other than that, i LOVED the episode. I especially love how the show has Amy and Rorys relationship. Her love for him, how she describes how he is so good and sweet that it makes him beautiful. Definitely wish more relationships in real life and on TV/Movies were like that.

  29. “which is longer than either of them have been alive”

    Except that Rory is around 2000 years old.

  30. Jess says:

    Yep I sniffled a little. Great episode and Rory/Arthur was superb as always! (he’s my fav!) I really enjoy these self-exploration eps too! The whole voice of God line reminds me of the Moff saying how the Doctor is a god trying to be human. True, I think the Doc admires humans but he’ll definitely make a rubbish one. (yes, i’m ignoring the existence of 10II)

    Re: Torchwood. Yes it’s crap. RTD said he doesn’t care about Jack’s time line anymore and CJ being the Face of Boe was just a throw-away line and not to be taken seriously. So i guess the joke’s on us fans… ? Whatever, I’m pretending this MD bomb never happened and hope they’re done with TW! CJ on Who please!!!

    @Tony, not everyone’s hair greys. It’s genetic! My mom’s in her mid-fifies and has a total of maybe 10 grey hairs so you can’t tell. Her dad – my grandfather is in his 80’s and barely has any greys. But her mom has a lot of grey so obviously she took after her father! Hopefully I’ll take after my mom (my dad greyed in his 20’s lol).

  31. Ahab says:

    @Ericdano, Rory made the choice to wait while fully informed of what it would entail and how long it would be! He was completely in control of the situation and had all the knowledge he needed.

    Amy, meanwhile, was forced to wait an indeterminate length of time with no assurance she’d ever be rescued and in which everything was out of her hands. It’s an entirely different situation.

    By the way, excellent use of a gendered term to castigate a female character for having unpleasant emotions.

  32. Rekabmot says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think it was one of the best of the entire run of the show. I thought that this showed that Rory is the better person. His 2000 years of waiting versus her 36 years and the strength that he showed. Amy is apparently a genius. She was able to make a sonic screwdriver, reprogram the computer system and one of the robots all without formal training. But I didn’t understand why she didn’t just tell the computer system to have the robots stop hunting her after she reprogrammed the computer.
    I was also interested in the erotic possibilities of two Amys. Especially since the older Amy seem really hot for Rory.

  33. Vincent S says:

    OMFG!!!! best episode ever (maybe just this season)! love it love it love it. It made me cry T-T and another non-consequential episode that just rips your heart all because of the Doctor and his TARDIS. With reference to “The Doctor’s Wife”, you think the TARDIS eff-ed up or was it only the Doctor’s fault (Rory blaming him because he didn’t even look up the date)? Just throwing it out there because the TARDIS is a dickhole if it messed up on purpose.


    This is not a criticism since it was apparent to me as well. I think there’s a slight difference between Amy’s wait and Rory’s servitude. When Rory was briefed about Amy’s prison thingy, he had an assurance that IF he stayed, IF he kept her safe, then 1XXX years later she’ll be alive. The problem with Amy, isn’t that she only had to wait (and get old… old plastic on Robot Rory is different) but it was reassured to her by the person that she’s the closest to (aside from Rory) that there’ll be some rescue in a few seconds in the future.

    Instead of a quick fix, she was robbed of her future with her husband, her magnificent adventures with the Doctor, her future with her daughter, family and friends. It’s not that she had to wait for 36 years, it’s that (yet again) a tiny glitch in the TARDIS robbed her of the life she wanted to happen. She had to fend for herself, yada yada. There’s also the companion’s perspective of being this person that was suddenly whisked away to experience the vastness of time and space, having that yanked out of you will destroy you. That’s the way I looked at it. Compared to Robot Rory’s (and he could have just left with the Doctor… which makes his sacrifice immensely better), Angry +36yrs Amy’s demeaner is acceptable… although Rory’s wait was still better.

  34. HK says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, and maybe another viewing would be different, but I wasn’t that big on this episode. It was another “Amy and Rory prove that they love each other episode” and that’s been done so many times. I also thought the intro was really clunky – it bothered me!

    I can’t help but think there has to be more to it than meets the eye – a story of love, sacrifices, etc. The older version of Amy – would she be in the correct age frame as River Song? I’m assuming River Song is in her fourties, so older Amy being in her sixties would be correct. But I can’t see that they’d have contact with all the timey-wimey weirdness.

    On a positive note, Karen’s acting was top-notch and made both her “ages” believable.

    I find that I really enjoyed the enclosed episodes in earlier series, but with this current season, I like the big picture / puzzle piece episodes that contribute to the whole story.

    I’m going to give it another watch and maybe I’ll like it more.
    I enjoyed the review as always! It’s one of the reasons I look forward to Mondays, (and there aren’t many of those!)

  35. Ericdano says:

    The big flaw in this episode with Amy is that did she forget that rory waited nearly 2000 years for Amy? I mean, sure, 36 years is a lot, but wtf…..he waited 2000 years. For her. He didn’t complain. Bitch. Anything. He was just there.

    Kinda sad she didn’t show the character that rory showed. Instead, she’s angry, bitter, chip on her shoulder, and irrational. It’s time travel. Shit happens

  36. Magnoliafan says:

    Behind all this “bowties are cool” nonsense we are seeing a very very cold and calculating Doctor.

  37. Tony says:

    Probably the best episode of the season, thus far, for all the reasons above.

    I loved this episode. The scene with the two of them on opposite sides of the Tardis door was genuinely wrenching, especially when she tells him not to open the door.

    There were a couple of things I would liked to have seen in this episode though.

    1. Amy’s hair should have been graying. (My wife’s note, really.)

    2. I wish Rory had punched the Doctor in the face. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t think of a time when he’s ever deserved it more.

    3. Though he used it in his performance, they didn’t touch on the fact that Rory also waited for Amy, for more than a thousand years, though the circumstances were obviously very different. Arthur Darvill definitely used that in a number of ways. It’s a source of greater conflict for him, since he can identify with what the older Amy went through. I think it also gave him some space where he could have gotten angry with her over her hostility.

    Not complaining though. Great episode. Some of the most interesting situations are the ones where the “right” thing to do, or maybe just the best thing to do, is also a terrible thing.

  38. SHOGUN says:

    Yeah this season’s Torchwood Miracle Day had some good moments but definitely has not been as good as the awesomeness that was Children of Earth.

    ***SPOILERS******The Blessing aka Mother Earth’s Vagina and the 3 families, umm yeah not that great of villains /SPOILERS

  39. Kyle Anderson says:


    I have a review of the finale of Torchwood: Miracle Day posting later today where I believe I address some of your complaints.

  40. Kyle Anderson says:

    Well, I certainly would agree with you there. She hasn’t gotten a whole lot of time to deal with the situation emotionally, though that may be happening in between adventures and we’re just not privy to it.

    And it’s completely my pleasure, I look forward to writing these reviews every week. Thanks for reading ’em!

  41. Exterminate Torchwood says:

    OK so this is off topic a bit but Has anyone bothered watching torchwood this series 2011? If so you may agree with me here. Jack harkness`s character is derived and put on such a massive interstellar scale in doctor who(tenant years)with being the SPOILER***** face of and having seen the end of the universe(time wise) and being the doctors oldest acquaintance in the realm of time travellers(river is his wife IMO so she doesnt count) with all that said WTF happened to him being anything like he was portrayed in doctor who?? **SPOILERS***this miracle day B.S is ridiculous, seven episodes in and thats when anything interesting happens, and having an irrelevant boyfriend from 1929 being the basis of one of the episodes,and then having a pedophile act as a temp hero….why the fuck was he needed? and this family thing being the only interesting aspect to the series was a huge let down. by the end of it. they had no balls , they were all talk and they fucked up and now they have to go with plan B. which by the way i cant even comprehend WTF`n point was to the miracle day, and to leave the last episode with an ending that is only befitting for a two part episode is fucked. if they were going for lets keep the audience guessing till next season then they missed the fact that nobody I SERIOUSLEY TRIED TO LIKE THIS SHOW but they have nothing like it used to be in it , seriousley i am truley Pissed off. it has been the worst written series ive come across in the sci-fi brit genre EVER!!! And thats my two cents…and i want it back….alll of it lol

  42. anncoultersadamsapple says:


    I just don’t think knowing what happens to your daughter would lessen the pain of having her ripped from your arms right after you’ve given birth to her. Especially when she’s taken by headless, robe wearing monsters. I’d have a hard time having fun no matter what I knew about her future.

    BTW I really appreciate you writing these articles every week. Thanks.

  43. Erika Ensgin says:

    I think I loved this episode (although it’s too soon to be sure). That said, the one thing I can’t get past (not a criticism, just an observation) is that if Rory hadn’t so exasperatedly told Amy to push “the button” and had said “the green button,” then none of this would have ever happened. Ok, so then we lose the entire episode, and that would be boring, but from a real-life standpoint I think it’s an important lesson–a cautionary tale if you will.

    Specificity saves lives. (Pedantry forever!) 😉

  44. Kyle Anderson says:

    They don’t NEED to look for Melody because they now know she grew up with them in the guise of Mels. They know she’s safe because they spent their entire lives growing up together. They still need to deal with River’s brainwashing and stuff, but as far as baby Melody is concerned, she’s fine.

  45. Lori-Anne says:

    I think this was one of the best episodes of Eleven’s reign, hands down. It just broke my heart but that’s ok, that’s good…it should have broken my heart (I only have one, unlike the Doctor). I’ve become very attached to Rory and his refusal to become inured to what he sees and experiences makes him such a strong character to deal with. He’s much more the Doctor’s moral barometer than Amy has been.

    And I too am a little disturbed by the “oh well”ness of how Rory and Amy are taking the Melody/River thing. I am sure it will be addressed and it’s not really hampering my enjoyment of the show, but it does make me wonder because if it were my kid, I’d be twelve kinds of upset over it. And you’d know it.

  46. Yolanda says:

    I have never thought that Karen was a good actress, let alone great. She over acts in everything, and in this epsiode especially. It’s very distracting from the great writing and the PHENOMENAL acting from Arthur. I’ve always thought that of the entire ensemble of this latest Doctor, he has been the most talented actor.

  47. anncoultersadamsapple says:

    It really bothers me that Amy and Rory have been joking around and going on adventures while their daughter is still missing.

    It’s Casey Anthony-esk.

  48. Chris says:

    great episode. I hope many people knew that Old Amy was never getting into the Tardis with Young Amy. If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that The Doctor lies.

  49. SHOGUN says:

    Probably one of the best episodes this season!

    Karen did an outstanding job!