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If you’re waiting for a follow up to Doctor Who‘s last video game outing, now may be a good time to consolidate your hopes back into your hope jar. Polygon has gotten official word from the BBC that the last two Doctor Who games set for development have been canceled. Supermassive Games has instead shifted their focus toward their survival horror title Until Dawn.

Originally announced as the first of a trilogy, Eternity Clock hit the scene last year on PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PC, and was welcomed by a hailstorm of harsh criticism. Many expressed distaste for the game, claiming it was inept from a technical standpoint while others felt it didn’t capture the essence of the show properly. I’m afraid a majority of these criticisms were accurate, but to be fair capturing the spirit of Doctor Who within any expanded universe isn’t what I’d consider easy. As much as I’d love a Doctor Who game, perhaps it’s best that we left the Time Lord to his television series.

Understanding the Bran/Night King Theory From GAME OF THRONES

Understanding the Bran/Night King Theory From GAME OF THRONES

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Gendry is Way, Way More Important to GAME OF THRONES Than You Think

Gendry is Way, Way More Important to GAME OF THRONES Than You Think



  1. Dr says:

    Wish they would make the follow up games. Lots of enjoyment for Whovian fans!!

  2. Tim says:

    Good. Though the sequels might have been the closest thing yet to a Thick of It game.

    With excellent performances, script and a dev. like Naughty Dog, Doctor Who could be an amazing game property. Until then, slick mini-games is the best hope. (Bejeweled rip-off or something like Clumsy Ninja.)

  3. Ben Z says:

    I liked the game. It was fun to play with my wife. Was it ground breaking or amazing? No, but it was fun and like $10.

  4. Mike Chen says:

    This was one of the worst games I’ve ever played, from level design to platforming mechanics. Sloppy and repetitive and just plain difficult without any sense of fun.

    That being said, the story was pretty cool and the performances by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston nearly got me through it. Nearly. I stopped about 2/3 of the way up when I kept getting cheap-deaths trying to scale some stupid tower to solve a mini-game puzzle before time ran out.