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DOCTOR WHO “The Day of the Doctor” Teaser

Well, it’s not quite an actual trailer, but this specially-shot, minute-long teaser for “The Day of the Doctor,” the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who, is pretty damned cool. It features current Doctor Matt Smith narrating whilst 3D images of the various former Doctors and companions zoom by until finally reaching Smith who’s on the top of a Hoodoo somewhere. That’s right, a Hoodoo.

It’s a very cool 61 seconds that again insists upon us taking the time to #SaveTheDay, even if it really tells us nothing about the special itself. I’m super okay with that, actually. I don’t want to know too much (or anything) going in beyond that which we’ve already seen. Unrelated: Do you think it’s weird we haven’t seen any promotional stills of Billie Piper? Like, at all. The ones they released last week were of Smith, Tennant, Hurt, Coleman, and Jemma Redgrave, and that one script-reading photo had Smith, Tennant, Coleman, and Joanna Page. Huh, interesting.

Anyway, “The Day of the Doctor” will be on your screens November 23rd on BBC America.

Day oft Doctor