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DOCTOR WHO, Starring You (Or Your Dog): Put Yourself In The Opening Credits

DOCTOR WHO, Starring You (Or Your Dog): Put Yourself In The Opening Credits

So, you wanna be the star of Doctor Who, huh? Peter Capaldi (or Matt Smith, or David Tennant, or…) got nothin’ on you, right? You can do it. You can BE The Doctor.

Well, at least, you can make a version of the opening credits with your face and name in them, if you’re willing to let the BBC Worldwide Official Doctor Who Facebook page’s app access your friends list and other information. (Always with the pesky details.) If that’s not an issue for you, go to the official Doctor Who Facebook page at, find that post with the link to the app (or just click here and save a step), and follow the instructions, which are summarized in this here video:

The result can be sent to friends via “invites,” and you can, apparently, put entities other than yourself in the video. So your dog, your cat, your mom, anyone or anything can be The Doctor.

Yeah, it’s a promotion for “The Day of the Doctor” on the BBC, BBC America, and many other networks and in theaters in 3-D internationally on November 23rd. You still want to see your face and name in those credits, don’t you? And you can. Who says dreams can’t come semi-almost-not-quite true?

And while we’re on the general subject of the Doctor, the BBC also released a poster for An Adventure in Space and Time, the drama about the creation of Doctor Who. Here ’tis:


The 1963 BBC logo is a nice touch.


  1. Matt says:

    seeing my face in the intro made me almost to happy.