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DOCTOR WHO Star Karen Gillan’s SELFIE Gets a Trailer Because #Publicity

DOCTOR WHO Star Karen Gillan’s SELFIE Gets a Trailer Because #Publicity

Eliza Dooley is kind of a social media goblin: obsessed with likes and hearts and #hashtags and taking pictures of herself with duck lips rather than anything substantial, or real, or fulfilling, or non-Internet-y. She’s got that Millennial game on lock thanks to her obsession with herself, her follower count, and her image. Or at least, that’s how she starts out in the trailer for ABC’s fall comedy to be, Selfie. Not only does it have to do with taking selfies, it’s about working on yourselfie. Because #America #KidsTheseDays #eValidationIsTheNewSelfConfidence. Thankfully, the series’ star — the Doctor Who companion formally known as Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, whom we recently spoke to about the series — is anything but insecure. She’d have to be, though, in order to play as out-of-touch a monster as this Eliza Dooley character seems to be.

Starring alongside Gillan in the series —loosely-based on My Fair Lady if you didn’t pick up on that connection before — is John Cho as the uptight but accomplished Henry. He’s a brand guy: turning around companies’ images at the drop of a hat (or more likely, probably a couple cool million because #business). And, after a bit of begging from Eliza, also holds the unenviable task of rebranding the social media magfly for the real world. And just knowing the source material it feels safe to say he’ll probably succeed, too. But it also doesn’t hurt that Henry seems to know what we all do: namely that #bowtiesarecool.

What do you think of the show’s premise? Plan on tuning in? Let us hear about it in the comments because #NerdistCares.


  1. shanae says:

    Karen is all kinds of awesome. This looks pretty good and her accent is spot on and she is an excellent actress who doesn’t just pull faces and gurn (coughDavid Tennantcough). Karen is going to be such a big star here. With Matt also having scored major roles as well, just a matter of time before they are cast together in something. My lovely modest talented sweet poncho girl and boy.

  2. Clinton says:

    I;d love to see this, but unfortunately, whoever uploaded the trailer to Youtube has made it so nobody outside of the US can see it, or at least Australia can’t anyway.