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Doctor Who Shirt Contest!

So, I get a call from one of the coolest humans the other night, Craig Ferguson:

“Mr. Haaaaardwick…it’s Mr. Ferrrrguson! Do you know who’s (hint) going to be on my show Tuesday?”

“YOU MEAN ELEVENTH DOCTOR MATT FREAKING SMITH??? (calmly) Yeah, I may have heard about that…”

“Would you like to—”


Fortunately what I agreed to was appearing on the show that night as well. And that’s where YOU come in. Have you designed or know of a good Doctor Who themed tshirt? Post images & links in the comments section below and the chosen shirt will find itself attached to my body on the Late Late Show on Tuesday, November 16th. I’ve seen so many great designs out there, but I wanted to see as many as possible to make sure that I have the Who-iest garment on the planet.

Because of the time crunch, this contest will end Saturday night at 11:59p ET. Sunday I will pick a winner and Monday the winning shirt will have to be FedEx-ed for a Tuesday morning delivery. If the selected shirt can’t meet that requirement for some reason, an alternate will be chosen.

Okey doke! Let’s WHO this!!! (I’m really sorry I just wrote that)

Doctor Who logo: BBC

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  1. Annecoultersadamsapple says:

    I hope they dress Geoff like the fourth doctor. Bowties are alright, scarves are cool.

  2. Leslye says:

    How about you wear a Robot Skeleton Army tee, they are also lovely to peer at!

  3. Ben Wilson says:

    You know what they say.. the best way to make something happen is to start a rumor:

  4. Chris Hardwick says:

    These are all seriously wonderful!!! Gonna be a tough decision.

    And to Annecoultersadamsapple: NOnono…I’m not wearing a Doctor Who shirt to hang out with Matt Smith. I understand inappropriate fanboyism boundaries. Ferguson is doing a entire Doctor Who themed show. You wanna tell him not to “be that guy” and to 86 the Dalek he’s getting? The ep is a tribute. See? It makes sense!

    And I would honestly be thrilled if someone came to meet me wearing a Shipmates shirt.

  5. Hey Chris,
    I design and hand paint t-shirts and made these designs for your contest. I live and hour and a half away from Los Angeles so I don’t think getting them to you by Tuesday would be a problem.

    I know that David Tennant is your Doctor, so I came up with this design for you! It would be white paint on a black shirt.[email protected]/5170468011/

    This one would be a white shirt with blue paint, and is inspired by Geoffery Petersons “In Your Pants” fun:[email protected]/5171069786/

    I would love to win this, it would be so cool to see one of my shirts on the Late Late Show, we love you, Craig Ferguson, and Matt Smith! Have fun with the Doctor!

  6. Elizabeth Daugherty says:

    I entered but it’s not showing. Hmm, maybe I’ll try again.

  7. Jennipher says:

    I am making this one for my daughter for x-mas.

  8. Victoria says:

    I second both Think Geek’s “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” or the Prydon Academy one from Teefury (if you can get your hands on it).

    I would also suggest “It Came Out of Nowhere!” from Shirt Woot: One of my absolute favorites ever.

  9. TARDIStara says:

    Hey Chris,

    I have right here a ‘TARDIS crashing into Delorian’, a ‘Have You Seen My TARDIS’ and a ‘My Spaceship is Made of Wood’ t-shirts that I’d happily Fed-Ex you if you’d send them back after.

    They’re all size XL though, which you’ll probably swim in. :/

    Anyhoo, the offer stands.

  10. Anaya says:

    I think you should make your own shirt that says:

    “Bigger on the inside.”

    Or something similar. It sounds as if it could serve as a crude double entendre, even though it makes no sense as one. That’s what makes it funny.

  11. Liz says:

    Prydon Academy: Teaching Yesterday’s Doctors Tomorrow.

    I love it because it’s subtle and true Whovians get it…It’s from Teefury though so you’ll probably have to contact the owners to get one. I’m sure they’d rush one to you for free as soon as you mentioned it’d be on national TV. 😛

  12. scrufy 1 says:

    @ Jarrod Cooper: “How about, since Chris will be wearing it..

    I have kissed Carmen Electra”

    Wow…. hardwick kissed carmen electra? im impressed… and a lil bit jealous…. (dude the pic of carmen over a table neer a pool…… Wowza)

  13. Wolf says:

    And BTW…. Kudos for sharing the fact Craig Ferguson is one of the best humans on the planet. The two of you are adorable together (NotLikeThat)

    And that exchange in the beginning is hilarious.

    You should become a monthly visitor like Betty White. You know you want to. *Pulls out a dollar*

  14. Hanna says:

    here’s the US link with better shirt colours,454711001

  15. Hanna says:

    bow ties ARE COOL
    I hope you like this one!

  16. Jason says:

    It’s a shame you can’t condense this into a T-shirt:

    I’m sure Craig would appreciate it.

  17. Laura Guzzo says:

    After looking over the other entries people have posted, I’ve realized that it would be more helpful if I posted links to where you can buy these shirts, instead of just showing pictures of what they look like.

    Also, I forgot to post the Rose Tyler shirt I’ve been working on.
    It’s so new, it isn’t available for sale on Etsy yet.
    You could be the first person to try it out!

  18. Jen Tidwell says:

    Artist James Hance has a nifty little Dr. WHO number. Combining two worlds of geekdom!! Check it out!

    Doctor the Future

  19. tubasara says:

    gotta love the Tardis and delorean crashing:

    and hey, how about a classic double heart shirt:

  20. Lisa G says:

    If the voting is open for homemade shirts, I’ll cast a vote for my favourite line from Series 5. It’s probably far too obscure a reference, but to me, it sums up the show in one Grand Unification Quote:

    “Come on. Be extraordinary.”

  21. Dan says:

    The Angels have the Phonebox. Nice. I’d go with that one, it’s a bit more obscure. Make ’em work for it.

  22. Bethany says:

    All of these are pretty awesome, but I’m going to taunt you with my homemade one. It’s kind of faded but still perfect.

    I could quickly make you one, if you want.

  23. Chelsea Kerr says:

    Hey Chris,

    I’ll even send you mine. But only if I get it back. 😛

  24. Brian P. says:

    I think it would be better if you dressed up like The Doctor but not any of the new ones. Something older. Something extravagant.

  25. Apple says:

    OR a “the angels have the phonebox” t-shirt. (I have one)

  26. Apple says:

    You must have an I heart heart the doctor t-shirt!

  27. Jenn Zuko says:

    Oops! Sorry PT–posted simultaneously! Whooooa…

  28. Richelle says:

    Got this shirt at NY Comic Con this year and it is one of my all time favorite things in the world!

    I vote this!!!

  29. Carol says:

    Yes, you never do forget your first Doctor…. a classic which would be appreciated by all Doctor Who fans… that def. gets my vote!

  30. TJJohn12 says:

    Still my favorite; I own two in case something happens to one.

  31. Rick Jones says:

    I have to agree with the “You Never Forget Your First Doctor” suggestions.

  32. Chelsea Kerr says:

    I’m voting for this one because I was wearing it last night. You were there. You saw. 😛

  33. Esgaril says:

    There are so many to choose from but here are some favs:

    Don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?

    One of the Don’t blink – types (it’s just epic):

    Nesting Daleks LOL:

    Hermits united LOL again:

    Retro- Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey:

  34. Jarrod Cooper says:

    How about, since Chris will be wearing it..

    I have kissed Carmen Electra

    You have a TARDIS

    You WIN!!