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DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Will Premiere in August

DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Will Premiere in August

Set your TARDIS controls now (and by that I mean your DVR timer) because we now know when Series 8 of Doctor Who will premiere: sometime in August! That’s pretty vague, I grant you, but it’s a definite something. There are 5 Saturdays in August, so we’ve got a 20% chance of guessing correctly. My completely uneducated guess will be August 16th. Again, I have no evidence to back this up at all, I’m just guessing. If that ends up being the case, with 13 consecutive episodes, that’ll put us well into November. So maybe it’ll be earlier in August, but I’ll stick with Aug 16th.

The news was broken via a tweet by the official BBC Doctor Who Twitter account in the form of the below image.

A quick jaunt to the BBC’s Doctor Who page gave us a look at this 15 second teaser.

As per usual, the Doctor Who staff are keeping as tight-lipped as possible about anything having to do with the series, with images and details only being released as they become impossible to hide (like filming on location or having huge guest stars). Even now, we get a mere glimpse of a silhouetted Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor inside the TARDIS. It’s a pretty sweet image, you have to admit.

My guess, and this is educated this time, is that the trailer will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this July and that’s around the time they’ll give a definite as to the date in August Series 8 will debut. Unlike last year with the “Day of the Doctor” trailer, however, I imagine the trailer will go up online immediately following the panel. For “Day,” the effects were only partially completed given the special wasn’t going to air for another several months. This year, with the series coming in August, they’ll be much closer to completion.

Series 8 of Doctor Who will feature Capaldi teaming up with Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald for adventures featuring guest stars Samuel Anderson, Keeley Hawes, Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Hermione Norris, and Frank Skinner, and will see scripts written by Mark Gatiss, Phil Ford, Gareth Roberts, Steve Thompson, and Steven Moffat, and direction by Ben Wheatley, Douglas MacKinnon, Paul Murphy, and Paul Wilmshurst.

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  1. Kito Logan says:

    Wouldn’t be bad if they showed the trailer in the UK first instead of comic-con but apart from that can’t wait for the new series.

  2. I wonder if they’ll remodel the inside of the TARDIS?

    • Jesper says:

      Probably. Considering what a big shift it will be from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi, it would be strange if they didn’t redecorate the TARDIS to match him better.

  3. Jessica Sweeden says:

    Oh My God, this is so awesome! 😀 EEEKK! (sorry tehe)

  4. FoxySpartan says: