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DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Premiere to Screen in Cinemas Worldwide

DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Premiere to Screen in Cinemas Worldwide

Well, Doctor Who might not be participating in Comic-Con, but the first name in British science fiction is certainly not staying out of the news-dropping game. The BBC have confirmed this morning that Peter Capaldi’s first episode, the feature-length “Deep Breath,” written by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and directed by Kill List and A Field in England director Ben Wheatley, will follow in the footsteps of “The Day of the Doctor” last November by screening on over 1500 cinema screens the world over.

Steven Moffat released this typically-jovial-yet-cryptic statement:
“Last November the Doctor didn’t just conquer the world on television, he did it in the cinemas too. And like the show-off he is, he can’t resist another go – one taste of the silver screen is never enough. On August 23rd the new Doctor will begin his new adventures on BBC One and in cinemas all over the world. Movie-land beware – Capaldi is coming to get you!”

P-Caps will of course not be traveling alone in this venture; he’ll be joined by companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) as well as the Paternoster Gang consisting of Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart), and Strax (Dan Starkey) for an adventure in Victorian England.

Details on the specific times and individual cinema chains that will be hosting this worldwide event will be forthcoming, but we’re advised to keep an eye on BBC’s official Doctor Who site for updates. Of course, you can always find all your Who news (Whows? No?) here on


“Deep Breath” will air on BBC America Saturday, August 23rd, at 8/7c.


  1. bev says:

    i’m sorry to say that this is the first doctor i disapprove of, maybe he will prove me wrong? must say not really looking forward to the new series with a quarter of the gusto that i usually entertain  :( 

  2. gridsleep says:

    Strax: “Where are we going today, Madame?”Vastra: “A day care center.”Strax: “Right. I’ll get the incendiary grenades.”

  3. Robyn Clark says:

    I sure as hell hope the nickname “P-Caps” does not catch on.