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DOCTOR WHO Comics Day Vwooorps Forth July 26th

DOCTOR WHO Comics Day Vwooorps Forth July 26th

Another fake holiday we can totally get behind. The new ongoing Tenth and Eleventh Doctor comics from Titan Comics‘ new Doctor Who series will hit stands on Wednesday, July 23rd, however it’s that Saturday, on July 26th, that’s the day for fans to celebrate their love of comic book Time Lord action. In fact, it’s been branded Doctor Who Comics Day and will span across comic book stores all over the world. Seems pretty fitting for a book based on a show as globally revered as Doctor Who.

At 3:00pm at Comic-Con, there will be the official Titan Doctor Who comics panel (in Room 23ABC) at which writer Nick Abadzis, artist Elena Casagrande, cover artist Alice X. Zhang, and editor Andrew James will show concept art and reveal storylines for the two series, as well as give fans their first glimpse at interior art from the Twelfth Doctor series which will debut in October. There’s also the promise of some kind of video surprise.

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However, even if you aren’t going to be in San Diego for Comic-Con, you can still join the TARDIS-tivities. Each comic book store participating in the event will have three posters – a regular ol’ poster and two instant-Cosplay posters of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors for fans to “wear” and take pictures in to be tweeted to Titan’s Twitter account, with the hashtag #doctorwhocomics. Editor James will then pick his favorite and that person will win an exclusive goody bag with all kinds of SDCC merch and signed things and the like.

There will also be a cosplay contest wherein people are encouraged to dress up like one of the new comic companions for the Doctor, either Tenth Doctor companion Gabriella Gonzalez or Eleventh Doctor companion Alice Obiefune, and tweet a picture to the same above handle with the same hashtag and the winner’s photo will be turned into a variant cover for an upcoming issue, which is pretty cool.

There are also lots of signings and special events going on in comics retailers all around the globe (though mostly the US and UK). For a complete list of these signings along with the hefty amount of participating comics retailers, go to the official Titan Doctor Who Comic Day news page.

It’s a day everyone should celebrate, whether you’re an Allons-y or a Geromino or a catch phrase of another sort.