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“Doctor Who” Announcement: And the New Doctor Is…. Peter Capaldi!


All the waiting, speculating, and incessant rumor-controlling has finally come to an end. The identity of the Twelfth Doctor was revealed today as part of an hour-long live special hosted by Zoe Ball simulcast on BBC One, BBC America, and Space in Canada, and ABC in Australia. And, with the odd-makers laying down bets up to the minute, the special revealed the Twelfth Doctor to be Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi is maybe best known as the foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker on the hit BBC comedy The Thick of It, but he’s no stranger to the Doctor Who world. He was a guest star on the episode “The Fires of Pompei,” and also he played a major supporting character in the Torchwood miniseries Children of Earth.” And, of course, as many folks have figured out by now, his role in World War Z was as “WHO Doctor.” Prescient!

ADDENDUM – You can see Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and the spinoff movie In the Loop on Hulu. Please, beware of the incredibly bad language. Not for young children.

I’m so very excited for this new, older, likely sterner and more authoritarian take on the Doctor. Or maybe he won’t be. All Steven Moffat said in his taped bit was that he’s “different than Matt.” I’m stoked. Good choice. As sad as I will be to see Mr. Smith leave, I believe the role will be in the most excellent of hands. What do you think of this choice? Are you pleased, displeased, non-pleased? Let us know below!

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  1. Stuart Kearns says:

    I like how IMDB lists Peter’s role in World War Z as W.H.O. Doctor – Clever, very clever!

  2. jilliebean says:

    ok, i will wait and see how it turns out. i was hoping for a ginger… as far as a woman… cap jack would have to tap that gallifreyan ass. i will hold judgement, but my grandsons… 5 and 3 might be upset since the are Americas super fans!
    ever heard a 5 year old walking around yelling “exterminate”? disturbing.

  3. matt says:

    I am sure Peter is an amazing actor, not sure if he is the right fit to be the Doctor

  4. Like many, I heard rumblings of Peter Capaldi before they actually announced it. Leading up to it, I was hesitant. In my head he was still John Frobisher from Torchwood- such an important character in the Whoniverse.

    When they announced his name and he walked out I felt a wave of…comfort come over me. I realized the reason I so associated Capaldi with Frobisher was because Capaldi was such a brilliant actor. Prior to seeing him, my thoughts of him was that he WAS Frobisher, but seeing him out there, on stage, being himself made me realize how well I was drawn in by his performance on a few episodes Torchwood.

    His ability to make me think that he WAS that man makes me extremely excited and optimistic to see what he can do with a few years as the Doctor.

  5. Sherry says:

    I’m excited that they went with an older Doctor. I am liking what I’m seeing about an actor that I know next to nothing about. and I’ll be happy to give him a chance in the role. I will miss “my Doctor” of course, but the show must go on!

  6. Darth_sydious says:

    Very sad to see Matt Smith go, I loved him as the Doctor, but I’m also very pleased that Peter Capaldi has been selected as the 12th Doctor. I have no doubts about him filling the role and finding his own voice for the character!

  7. As an actor, DJ and Whovian, I find the complexity of this choice necessary. From an acting standpoint….Brilliant. and as a Whovian, I do not need to take all my crap down during my live DJ show and can still zap the cam with my S.S. Now I am not your average nerd, geek etc. but whom is nowadays, yet I feel that there are so many other little things at work here than just making a show. From the DJ standpoint I understand that a show is in it’s entirety…pieces. Scientifically, we are all particles or pieces. The rearranging and presenting of them is what we call art in any sense. Music, painting, and so on. Television still has some art left in it. Sadly, I usually have to link to London to watch it…and as for poor Bernard and not getting the role prior to Mr. Tom Baker, sorry mate, but there ARE fixed points in time.

  8. Athena says:

    I will wait to see how he is as The Doctor before I pass judgement. I wasn’t thrilled when Matt Smith took over from David Tennet but I love him now. So I will wait and see.

  9. Dan says:

    if he stands at the door of the TARDIS and says Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off. I’ll piss myself

  10. Lloyd says:

    I’m liking it… Curious to see how it gets played, but the possibilities are interesting… he has everything in his arsenal but tits…
    Personally I was sorta thinking younger, hoping for it to be Robert Sheehan, Joseph Gilgun, someone just like them, quick witted, obnoxious and flighty, able to speak with facial expressions, rude and unpredictable always makes for a great Doctor… BUT I think I’d also like to experience an intelligent, strong, attractive female with an ADHD personality and of course dealing with a Moffat/Davies styled bi-sexual attraction (in the flavor of a female Capt. Jack, but not a cheap knock-off)… Maybe written in to the story over a couple episodes, like the length of the Harold Saxton run… just to get my feet wet and see if it’ll work…

  11. Mark Jackson says:

    I will reserve judgement until I’ve seen him in action for a few episodes. As an American I can’t say I’m familiar with his work, but I do remember him from the “Fires of Pompeii” episode. My question is this…Have we seen the end of Dr. Who running everywhere ? As an older actor will he have the physcial endurance required for the role…perhaps the Dr. will give up running in favor of a brisk walk . Whatever the plan I look forward to seeing the next season.

  12. Kyle Anderson says:

    @dave In “The Deadly Assassin” they specify 12 regenerations, meaning there would be 13 lives. He might be the “final” one, if Hurt is going to count.

  13. dave says:

    in one of the episode in 70/80s it was said the doctor can only regenerate 11 times so please why have we got doctor number 12

  14. Pat Griffith says:

    Love this choice. I was hoping for an older, more gruff Doctor. I don’t know anything about this Peter guy, but I am looking forward to seeing a new side of the Doctor.

  15. Patty Marvel says:

    Oh, HIM! I remember him from “World War Z!” I’m still hoping the role will one day be played by Rupert Grint since The Doctor has “never been a ginger.”

    OR we could go meta and have the role played by Harry Melling, a.k.a. Dudley Dursley, since he grandfather played Doctor Who #2 :


  16. Josh Zeller says:

    He’ll be great, its a traditional choice, but I really like that in the 50th anniversary year, we get a return to a kind of early Doctor, older, looking more like Hartnell. I have to watch his other work, but I can totally see it! What an exciting time to be a Whovian.

  17. Veronica says:

    Yes! A male Doctor, as he should be! Thank you Moffat, for not mixing politics into the show by forcing a female reincarnation. And thank you for making him older again. If that means losing the hysterical teen girl viewers, nobody cares. The show will live on with the TRUE Whovians. 😉

    Matt will be sorely missed, though. He was, and still is, absolutely brilliant. As for companions, I doubt anyone can ever be better than Amy and Rory.

  18. Mark says:

    I was hoping a nice ginger, Irish actor. We’ve had a “Scottish” doctor already. Still plan to watch. Moffat just ruined my theory that the Doctor regenerates and becomes younger each time.

  19. Shonna says:

    LOVED him in Local Hero (many, many moons ago) he had the nervous linguist thing going on there – saw a quick vid of him announcing that he’s the new Doctor and he looked like he was up to something…at that moment something clicked and I just said, “Yes, he’ll do.”

    He’d better! I truly wish though that they’d let us discover him upon regeneration….hard to wait but better in the moment. Unless of course they plan to make him ginger at last!

  20. Jen says:

    Love love love Peter Capaldi! Could not be more pleased by this news! =D

  21. Charlotte says:

    Well… The wait is over to find out who will be replacing matt I for hope he does a better job than matt did as I wasn’t overly keen 🙁 to the future of doctor who 🙂

  22. John says:

    It’s strange to hear the Doctor (a character that is not from Earth) HAS to be British when Superman, Batman and Spider-Man apparently don’t have to be American (yes, Superman is also not from Earth, but was raised an American from infancy.)

  23. Amanda says:

    He’ll always be Dr. Pifrey to me. Hard to get past the smarminess.

  24. William says:

    I’m pretty excited for this new Doctor. I got tired of the Matt Smith episodes (God damn I hate Amy Pond) and I never even actually got passed the 2 second season of Doctor Smith. I am going to for sure get caught up before November but either way it is nice to see an older Doctor and he will do a bang up job.

  25. George says:

    I’m certainly glad to see a life long Whovian in the role. I was uncertain about Matt and that turned out just fine so I will trust in Moffat’s vision.

  26. Martha says:

    I still miss David Tennant but an older Doctor should be interesting!

  27. Jonathan says:

    I vaguely remember him from the episode of Doctor Who, but he didn’t leave any lasting impression, and I’ve never seen him in anything else that I can recall, so I don’t know how he’ll do. I am rather disappointed that they chickened out on the idea of a female Doctor though. I was really looking forward to seeing how that would shake up the dynamic and give a fresh twist to the character.

  28. Steve says:

    I also hope he uses his own accent and doesnt drop it like Tennant did.

  29. Heather says:

    I’m going to go against the grain and say, I’m disappointed. I’m just hoping he grows on me…

  30. polzor says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m from Glasgow, but I can’t really see an similarity between oor Glesga menace and the finest American actor that Oxford ever produced. Can you really imagine Hugh Laurie playing Malcolm Tucker?

  31. @Stephan I agree 100%. They DO know that teenagers watch this show because of the male leads and the romance (usually) with the companions, right? I predict viewership drops from the teens and tweens. It seems weird to go back to an old (yes, he’s old) doctor after the revivial focused on three young(er) doctors with sex appeal. Just seems like a misstep in my opinion if hooking younger viewers is important to them.

  32. sarah says:

    Fantastic choice… bit annoyed that his name was out yesterday as I wanted a total surprise tonight, and also weirded out that just seeing his hand confirmed to me it was definitely him (wtf?) but very pleased – gonna be fab!

    Love Abbey’s description!

  33. adam says:

    It’s a tremendous choice, he’s a very well respected actor here in the UK having starred in the excellent the thick of it as well as children of earth and a Neil gaiman adapdation among so many other varied roles. He is certainly not a poor man’s hugh Laurie, he’s acted in great and varied roles continuously while hugh Laurie more or less disappeared off the popular culture radar for well over a decade. I’m afraid the doctor has to be British, not necessarily male or even white but it’s a 50 year old bbc institution and there would be uproar! At least he’s Scottish, maybe he’ll play the doctor as a dour Glaswegian!

  34. Kris says:

    I am not happy, but that’s because i am a total sack of poop.

  35. Steve says:

    Oh…also did anyone notice Jenna Louise Coleman said “12 different actors will, and have played the Doctor” (quote from memory, may be slightly wrong)

    Read into that whatever you please…..

  36. Manda says:

    Still not ginger!!

  37. Barb says:

    Totally satisfied with this choice. I was hoping for an older Doctor and also a make Doctor. Sounds funny coming from a woman, but I’ve always believed the Doctor needs to be male.

    And he’s only 1 year younger than me. Now if he could only be ginger.

  38. Stephan says:

    I’ll be interested to see what this does to the shows demographic. Young and sexy has certainly been a selling point for the show for a number of years.

  39. Katrina says:

    Joining the throngs, wonderful choice. I am excited to see him in action. He brings so many possibilities to the role!

  40. Shelley Lee says:

    I’m sure he will be great but I am disappointed we have another while, male Doctor

  41. jini says:

    Excellent. He’ll bring gravitas to The a time when I think it’s needed…if Hurt is indeed, The Valeyard.

  42. Abbey says:

    Great choice! Should be fabulous. It is like Eccleston and Tennet had a love child which is Capaldi!

  43. Steve says:

    Fantastic decision! I think he could bring out the Doctor’s darker side brilliantly.

  44. Samuel Thomson says:

    I think he’s a great choice. I can see why people might be disappointed that the 12th doctor is another white british male, but I really don’t care as long as the actor/actress is talented.

  45. Ryan says:

    Brilliant choice. He was great in Fortysomething (with the real man’s Hugh Laurie) and enjoyed him greatly in both The Fires of Pompeii and Torchwood.

  46. I am thrilled! He is different. Different than Matt or David and is a brilliant actor so I think it will be fresh and wonderful. WOOT!!!

  47. Fernando says:

    I think it’s great! I wanted an older Doctor!

  48. Aj says:

    This was worth getting up at 4am to find out! Can’t wait to see #12 in action!

  49. Marty says:

    If it’s not a woman, I think this is an AWESOME choice! Peter is an *actor*, and I think that’s absolutely required for the LAST doctor. And yes, he’s a poor man’s Hugh Laurie.