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Doctor Puppet Strikes Twelve

Doctor Puppet Strikes Twelve

Never fear, Doctor Who fans! There is a new episode of our Nerdist Alliance pals’ Doctor Puppet to tide you over until the August 23rd premiere. Since Doctor Puppet‘s debut on YouTube last year, many have fallen in love with the spindly Doctor Puppet and his faithful companion puppets. The new episode is everything you could want with a new Doctor on the way, and it’s titled “Striking Twelve.”

We also had the chance to get up close and personal with the puppets at the Doctor Who World Tour stop in New York City last week and can tell you that they are as perfect in person as they are on the small screen. Creator and animator Alisa Stern was there with puppets in hand, so we got to meet the puppets we’ve been watching for the last year. The levels of detail are incredible, with hand-sewn clothes, real hair, and bodies that can be easily manipulated.

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We are as excited as you are to see the new season of Doctor Who this week. Not only will we get great new stories from the real Doctor and his companion, but we hope to see more Doctor Puppet adventures in the weeks to come. Keep an eye out on the Nerdist Alliance for new episodes.

What’s your favorite episode of Doctor Puppet? Tell us in the comments below.