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There are some parents out there willing to go above and beyond to make their child happy, and Redditor Padadof2 is one of them. He, along with his aunt, recreated the world of Minecraft, one painstakingly pixel stroke at a time. The end result, however, is totally worth it.

Take a look at the step-by-step pixel goodness below:

Padadof2 and his aunt spent countless hours creating the room, but most of that time was dedicated to taping the squares. While he admits that not all of the lines are straight and the colors may be slightly off, his son absolutely loves it. My favorite bits are the Minecraft torch, bed, and diamond sword that add a nice touch to the room and really makes the whole setting come to life.

Have you pimped out a room to match your favorite gaming world? Show us some pics in the comments below.


  1. FANTASTIC!  I love this!!!  My son’s sisters are moving out of his room and we talked about going with a Minecraft theme so your project has totally inspired me!  Thank you so much for sharing this!!!