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DIY LEGO Journal

DIY LEGO Journal

LEGO bricks make most things better, and that includes notebooks. If you add LEGO to the covers, you can build on top of the bricks and rearrange them as you like. You can always glue the bricks down if you’re worried about them being a distraction from actually writing in the notebook. Either way you go, Instructables user Brooklyntonia has a tutorial for you. She made two different journals using Coptic binding techniques: one has LEGO bricks inlaid into the cover and the other features a LEGO plate as the cover.

For the design using the plate as the cover, go to your local LEGO store or LEGO’s website to buy a large plate. I’ve seen them in gray, blue, and green. You’ll cut the front and back covers out of the plate with box cutters. This option is definitely the simplest of the two, and if this is your first time tackling bookbinding, I’d recommend going this route. Inserting bricks into the book board covers looks tricky.

LEGO journal 1

Once you get past the covers, the remainder of the steps don’t look too intimidating. Binding a book will eat up at least a few hours and you have to be precise with your measurements, but as long as you can be as patient as Yoda, you can craft a cool LEGO journal. My drawer is full of blank noteboks, but I’d still consider making these as gifts.

You can see a few of the steps in the below gallery:

Get the full tutorial at Instructables. Alternatively, you could buy an existing notebook with a thick cover and glue or stitch LEGO bricks onto it. Head to the comments and let us know if you’ll be making a LEGO journal.