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DIY Dunkaroos Frosting is A Mouth-Watering Blast from the Past

Everybody knows that elementary school lunches were always about one thing: the sweet snacks packed in your brown paper sacks for that brief jolt of dopamine-inducing sugar that came after that oft tame ride through turkey-sandwich-and-maybe-a-brown-banana-ville. And one of those little tasty treats that made life by the tire swing oh so enjoyable—aside from having no responsibilities whatsoever, please Zod! somebody invent a time machine—were the little cookie chips that made you “twist ya hip and do the dip,” Dunkaroos.

But now, since many of us are adults—with responsibilities pfft—cruising down the snack aisle (or through Amazon or Canada, which seem to be the easiest places to find Dunkaroos) and stocking up on like 60 boxes of ‘roos may be frowned upon by peers. Luckily, with “foodgineer” Josh Elkin’s latest Snack Back video, we can learn how to make as much of the Dunkaroos frosting as we want in our kitchens, where nobody can judge us for eating enough sugary spread to patch together a Coruscant’s worth of gingerbread structures.

Elkin notes in the video, which we first spotted on Foodbeast, that making Dunkaroos frosting doesn’t really require any “cooking” per se, but rather just a few short steps that involve mixing together a handful of ingredients. The sequence for those steps, which can be found in fuller detail beneath Elkin’s YouTube video, are listed here below:


  1. Cream together (mix together) 4 oz of room temperature cream cheese and 1/4 cup unsalted butter
  2. Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of vanilla; continue to mix until uniform consistency is achieved
  3. Add 1 cup powdered sugar, poured a third at a time; mix thoroughly
  4. Once mixture is uniform again, add 1/3 cup of sprinkles
  5. Fold sprinkles into the mixture; watch how to “fold” in the GIF below

Note the lifting of the frosting over the sprinkles, and the simultaneous bowl-turn.

Now that you have the recipe for Dunkaroos frosting, go and make it, and be merry. Return to your childhood, if only for a few moments, when your biggest concerns were what was for dinner, and who really “like liked” you. Well, maybe some things never change…

And you know what else never changes? Us wanting your thoughts on this video and the deliciousness of Dunkaroos in the comments section below!

Images: Josh Elkin

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