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DIY Arks, Larcenous Foxes, and Driving Dogs! It’s “Nerd Down & 10”


A guy tries to build his own ark. A fox steals a cell phone. Dogs are driving cars. The Hobbit movie came out. There’s a gingerbread Millenium Falcon. You can get Christmas dinner in a can. And there’s that whole strange John McAfee story. Where else will you get incisive, penetrating analysis of these top stories of the day than the Nerdist Channel’s Nerd Down & 10? Let Randy and Jason Sklar debate the issues for you. It’s easier that way.

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  1. Strange, it’s working here. Is it still giving you a problem?

  2. the player doesn’t seem to be working. I tried on youtube as well and got a “sorry this is a private video” message