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Disney’s Betting You Still Want to Be ENCHANTED

Disney’s Betting You Still Want to Be ENCHANTED

For a film that made more than 340 million dollars worldwide, Enchanted has been awfully slow to generate a sequel. But with changes in Disney management and Amy Adams’ star on the rapid rise, the wait is understandable. If, however, you’re still wondering what happens to Adams’ displaced fairy tale princess Giselle and her handsome suitor Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) after their happily ever after, you’re in luck: the studio has confirmed that the sequel’s screenplay is still in development, written by J. David Stem and David N. Weiss, the duo that scripted The Smurfs and Daddy Day Care; after Stepmom screenwriter Jessie Nelson penned an earlier draft.

Deadline reports that after seven years the Enchanted sequel is moving forward under writers Stem and Weiss and the previously announced director Anne Fletcher (who helmed The Proposal and The Guilt Trip). Casting has yet to be announced, so it’s too soon to say if the principals who helped make the first Enchanted such a smash will return. The multi-talented Adams — whose work as Giselle was as meticulous as any of the more gravitas-laden performances she’s delivered since — is essential of course. But James Marsden’s turn as the clueless Prince Edward was the movie’s most unexpected delight, so one hopes he’ll be back too… What do you think — would you like to return to the world of Enchanted? Or did the first film say (and sing) all that needed to be said about these animated characters come to life?


  1. They’ve been saying this since the original Enchanted was still in theaters. I’d love to see it, and intend to go see it, but I won’t hold my breath until it gets made.

  2. Lindsay says:

    This is a movie that I totally support! Loved “Enchanted”!!!