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Disney Secures Rights for All Future Indiana Jones Films from Paramount

Disney Secures Rights for All Future Indiana Jones Films from Paramount

Crank up the John Williams and clear a spot on your shelf for a few new archeological artifacts, because the path has been cleared for new, Disney produced Indiana Jones adventures. In what could be viewed as the last bit of cleanup from the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm, The Walt Disney Company has reached an agreement with Paramount for all future marketing and distribution rights to any Indiana Jones films Disney chooses to produce. Paramount will retain the distribution rights to the four previous Indiana Jones adventures, which includes the potential Imax upgrades of Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, following the successful run of Raiders of the Lost Ark in Imax theaters earlier this year.

While a fifth Indy flick hasn’t necessarily been greenlit, multiple stories were pitched as a follow up to The Crystal Skull before its release. Disney has been very vocal about their plans for Star Wars, but our favorite history professor is still clearly on the House of Mouse’s radar. Harrison Ford has always been very proprietary about Doctor Jones, and we can’t wait for him to dust off the fedora for another adventure. For more on Henry Jones Jr., check out Harrison Ford on The Nerdist Podcast. What adventures would you like to see Indy head off to?


  1. Shayde says:

    I just want to see the Indiana Jones ride duplicated in Florida.

  2. John Mitchell says:

    Can not wait!! He can do a couple of more I don’t care what anyone says. After that he can start the movie and then flash back to an adventure with someone else playing a younger version. Kind of a reboot but not…if so, who do think should play the younger/ reboot Ford?