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Disney On Ice Cools Down with New FROZEN Tour

Disney On Ice Cools Down with New FROZEN Tour

All the world’s a stage awaiting to be covered in characters from Frozen. I’m almost positive that’s Disney’s current marketing approach, and I’m more than okay with it. Six months after the film’s release, fans are still rabid for all things Anna and Elsa. Proof? At one point today, the wait time to meet the princess and queen at the Magic Kingdom was five hours. Merchandise is flying off shelves despite purchasing limitations, and parents are upset that they can’t find Anna and Elsa dresses for their children. Disney is playing catch up, and they made a smart move that seems like a natural fit: Frozen is coming to Disney On Ice.

Elsa and Anna costumes

According to Inside the Magic, Frozen On Ice will have 39 performers skating and interpreting the story of the film. Yes, there will be music and performances of the songs such as “Let It Go.” Besides Anna and Elsa, you’ll see Sven, Olaf, Marshmallow, and even Disney princesses from other franchises. Disney on Ice has an opportunity to create beautiful crystallized sets for the production, and a look at the set designs show they’ll be leveraging the sparkling landscapes of the North Mountain and the colorful locations in Arendelle. Snow machines and video projections will help put audiences in a chilly state of mind.

Get a sneak peek at concept art, costumes, and sets for Frozen on Ice in the following video:

Tickets for the wintry spectacular go on sale June 3rd at Disney On Ice. You can view the list of dates and cities for the tour at the same link. Are you planning to braid your hair like Elsa’s and go see this show or are you Frozen-ed out? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Inside the Magic