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Disney Lets STAR WARS 1313 Trademark Filing Lapse

Disney Lets STAR WARS 1313 Trademark Filing Lapse

I know this may be pouring salt into open wounds once again, but we felt that everyone had a right to know. Disney has allowed the Star Wars 1313 trademark to fall by the wayside, subsequently killing any chance of the game ever seeing the light of day.

SW1313Disney’s failure to renew the game’s trademark was reported by The Escapist, who confirmed the relinquishment through the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. The listing reads it as “abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.”

There’s still a chance we may see elements of 1313 appear in future Star Wars games, but as of now, 1313 itself will likely never happen. Hopefully our recent discussion about the game’s demise has already gotten you over the hump of mourning it, but if you were still holding on to that microscopic thread of hope that was left, please know that we are here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

HT: The Escapist, USPTO


  1. little kon-el says:

    Couldn’t they just reskin it? The idea of a sci-fi video game where the protagonist has to go through the bad part of a utopic society, root out the criminals, take their devices, and become a bad-ass anti-hero at the end sounds like a great idea for a video game.

    Just break down the Star Wars influences and play those up more. Flash Gordon retro-sci fi with Japanese-style weapons and a Priesthood like Lensman or the Bene Gesserit bearing down in the main character seems about right.

    – l.k.

  2. Shuts121 says:

    I have a baaaad feeling about this

  3. go4brendon says:

    Unfortunately gaming/filming is a business. This needs to be accepted and let go. Time to move on..