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Disney Chairman Reveals STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Is Already Filming

Disney Chairman Reveals STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Is Already Filming

Not too long ago in our own galaxy, Lucasfilm and Disney confirmed that filming for Star Wars: Episode VII was slated to begin in May. Specifically, they stated principal photography would start at that time. However, Disney Studios chairman recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and stated that filming is already happening. Huh. How about that?

THR asked Horn about the biggest challenge of creating Episode VII, and Horn replied it was casting. When THR mentioned shooting begins soon, Horn replied with a surprising answer: “We’re actually shooting some of it now.” Miscommunication happens, and I’m hoping Horn slipped up or got confused. It makes it hard to know what to believe otherwise.

The other interesting tidbit dropped by Horn involves casting. Though the only cast member who has officially been confirmed is R2-D2, it sounds like they’re mostly wrapped in that department. Horn said, “We have a lot of them [the cast]. We’re just not completely done yet.”

If we don’t hear announcements this month, I’m guessing we might get them on May the 4th. Lucasfilm seems to be gearing up to make the Star Wars holiday extra special this year (they’ve teamed up with The Big Bang Theory and The Goldbergs for episode tie-ins), and what better present than to give fans Episode VII news?

HT: Cinema Blend