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Episode 28: Dining with Doug and Karen
Tom Lennon, James Adomian…
Dining with Doug and KarenDining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen #28: Tom Lennon, James Adomian and Desserts at Cinefamily

It’s another Dining with Doug and Karen from Cinefamily! Tom Lennon and James Adomian join Doug and Karen to try an array of desserts from the potluck!


  1. Ped says:

    Love the show, keep up the great job! Wish James hadn’t taken over this episode so much, very annoying & not nearly as funny as Tom.

  2. Arabrabbra says:

    @Alison, it stops when you turn it off. Free podcast. Unless you’re in a death camp somewhere with ear buds taped into your ears and your hands handcuffed behind you. Troll.

  3. buddydave says:

    Please get Adomian and Lennon on regular (Louie DePalma Suite) episodes. They’re the best!

  4. Alison says:

    does the silly impession ever stop? almost unlistenable.