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Episode 27: Dining with Doug and Karen
Paul F. Tompkins, Louis…
Dining with Doug and KarenDining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen #27: Paul F. Tompkins, Louis Leterrier, Rory Scovel and JUNK

It’s another episode of Dining with Doug and Karen from Cinefamily! JUNK Restaurant made some deliciously unhealthy treats for Doug, Karen, and special guests!

Find out more about JUNK!

2013-08-19 11.50.32 pm





  1. Gwen says:

    You learn something new everyday. Forget the whole “The-Japanese-like-KitKats-because-it-sounds-like-their-word-for-lucky” thing. I learned that the way Doug feels about magic in movies is basically the same way Kumail Nanjiani feels about poker being played in movies.

    Keep recording these and I’ll keep listening! ❤

  2. Arabbrabra says:

    Um…wow. What a hilarious episode! LOVED IT! I love the more candid ones, like the one at Karen’s house. Good stuff.

  3. Illusion-XIII says:

    Far worse than the cellulose conspiracy, have you heard that the FDA actually allows the greedy corporate food industry to include Dihydrogen-monoxide in food consumed by the general public. This dangerous compound has been linked to numerous deaths. In lab studies, immersion in dihydrogen-monoxide has been shown to cause death in lab rats in mere minutes. When inhaled by humans, it causes choking, spasms, asphyxiation, and death. There is no immunity. In gaseous form, dihydrogen-monoxide can cause severe and even fatal burns on contact!
    Don’t let government and big business blind you. Know the facts before it’s too late!

  4. Arabrabbra says:

    I miss this show when its not on! And I heart PF Tompkins so much. Kinda wish it was just him on here…not that I dont love Rory…

  5. lauren says:

    This was delightfully uncomfortable.

  6. SJP says:

    I don’t normally join the Corrections Dept rabble, but I couldn’t let this one slip:
    Karen, cellulose is a structural polysaccharide found in green plants and algae…not just in trees. It is fiber. I’m not sure what source they use when they add it to foods.