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Episode 25: Dining with Doug and Karen
Dave Anthony and Shanna…
Dining with Doug and KarenDining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen #25: Dave Anthony and Shanna Lynn Milazzo

The first chef Shanna Lynn Milazzo returns with some delicious food for Doug, guest Dave Anthony and special guest Karen Kilgariff!

Listen to Dave on Walking the Room and go to The Belmont for some delicious food!

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  1. yojimbe says:

    So glad Karen asked Doug about hooking up with the chef. She was totally flirting with him. I was like am I the only one who noticed?

  2. Gibbelstein says:

    Karen K was damn funny. And she also did an amazing Karen A impression, so it was kind of like a 2 for 1. This can only be settled by a good ol’ fashioned Karen-off.

  3. Spencer says:

    That food looks awesome!

  4. Adam says:

    Glad to see a new episode up. Love this podcast.