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Episode 16: Dining with Doug and Karen
Brian Posehn and Stephanie…
Dining with Doug and KarenDining with Doug and Karen

Dining with Doug and Karen #16: Brian Posehn and Stephanie Potter

Paleo-chef Stephanie Potter makes some delicious AND healthy food for Doug, Karen and special guest Brian Posehn!

Listen to Brian’s podcast Nerd Poker and follow Stephanie on Twitter!

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  1. Eric says:

    Holy crap you guys were right, I was waiting for the mom joke since I read the comments but I was not prepared for that. That was hilarious, it was hard to contain my laugh at work.

  2. Adam says:

    Karen’s joke about Brian’s mom has got to be the funniest thing I’ve heard on this podcast yet…

    Doug I love you, but if Karen keeps it up, you’re gonna have to “Step Up 3D” your game

  3. buddydave says:

    To some extent, I agree with J. I don’t mind the diet talk, but it’s kind of a bummer hearing everyone ****ing on the lunch I have waiting for me in the freezer at work. I love the show, but more guilt trips for not eating the same food as a bunch of famous people and chefs might curb my appetite for DWD&K.

  4. J. says:

    Karen! Her joke about Posehn’s mom floored me! I laughed so hard I did an actual spit-take, and had to put my head down and catch my breath for a while.

    The effectiveness of vaccines varies year to year, but you want SOME odds that you’ll not get it if you happen to be exposed not NONE, right? As soon as/if you are eligible, get the shingles vaccine – because that can permanently disable you with things like nerve damage, paralysis or blindness.

    Little kids are the rulers of germ transmission, and a thing people tend not to tell parents is that from like, age 2-5, you are going to get every illness in the universe from them.

    If I had any criticism for this episode it would be that when listening to a food show, I don’t really want to hear all the diet talk – it kind of takes the fun out of wondering what creative and interesting food the chefs are making. I also feel like it differs a bit from the chit-chat and catching up conversations even if they’re icky (geeeerms!) – those aren’t about the food or eating so it doesn’t feel as guilt-trippy maybe? I dunno. I also know it’s pretty hard to divorce diet talk from food talk.

    P.S. Karen is right, Doug looks really great! Younger even, if that’s possible!

    I do love this show, and it is a lot of fun! I’m always excited for a new episode! Thank you for keeping it up, even when things are hectic! I hope Karen feels better soon!

  5. Kyle says: