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Episode 9: Ding-Donger with Matt…
Card Full!
Ding-Donger with Matt BraungerDing-Donger with Matt Braunger

Ding-Donger #9: Card Full!

Boy, he sure is bad at working his recording machine thing. However, after three tries Matt finally gets it going for this 9th episode. Fun at MaxFunCon, a hilariously named mini-tour with Dana Gould, a recent visit to a high school, Vine, and why you shouldn’t piss on a grave are all explored. Tune in for the 9th ride.


  1. sharon says:

    Matt, I LOVE your vines. I watch them on your twitter feed. Please never stop posting—they bring such joy to my otherwise morose existence.

  2. Nick says:

    I messed up my comment and it wasn’t even that good.

  3. Nick says:

    All we know is did you bang Kate after that?