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Episode 5: Ding-Donger with Matt…
Home on the Strange
Ding-Donger with Matt BraungerDing-Donger with Matt Braunger

Ding-Donger #5: Home on the Strange

Matt’s back home (for at least a couple days), and it’s time for a new DDMB. Topics covered include a ridiculous person on the plane, Korea, Matt having his fly down for 35 minutes onstage in Eau Claire, WI, why “The Pickle” is the best name for a dive bar ever, when boneless wings attack, and his love for you personally.

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  1. Per says:

    Love this :)

  2. Quemment Atlee says:

    No, Mr. Braunger, thank you. Very entertaining podcast, and perfect aural snack for short car trips.

  3. Kevin A. says:

    This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, from someone who quickly became one of my favorite comedians. So thank YOU, Matt Braunger!
    Also, hands down the best intro music to any podcast. So good!