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Episode 18: Ding-Donger with Matt…
I Got to Sing a Song Again!
Ding-Donger with Matt BraungerDing-Donger with Matt Braunger

Ding-Donger #18: I Got to Sing a Song Again!

Hey Ding-Dongers, right or wrongers, you know who the singer is but you can’t remember the song-ers, it’s that time again. Matt just got back from San Francisco’s Outside Lands and he got to sing (not rap this time) a song. Also with him was Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall, and he won’t shut up about it. Erotic fan fiction was written, bands were seen, a guy had a “I have a boner” button on his backpack, and more! Also, he did a test version of Chris Hardwick’s new show and it’s gonna be bonkers fun. Tune in!

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  1. hexlord says:

    Don’t let those guys get you down. Just think of Egglee Bagleface and smile.