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Die Hard FALLOUT 3 Fan Recreates Laser Rifle

Die Hard FALLOUT 3 Fan Recreates Laser Rifle

One crafty Fallout 3 fan has built their own Capitol Wasteland-ready Laser Rifle.

We don’t know much about Imgur user Thomas Hughes, who posted the photos of the Fallout 3 replica last Thursday. But what we do know is that his Fallout 3 rifle looks amazing, and includes plenty of authentic heat damage and rust, with the kinds of nicks and scratches that might inevitably come about while battling mutants or rolling with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Anyone who plans on cosplaying a vault dweller, you may want to get in touch with this guy for your accompanying weaponry. Take a look at the images below. Thomas, if you’re out there: excellent work!

[Source: Imgur]


  1. Thomas says:

    Hey, Thomas here, thanks for featuring this, more stuff here: